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2014-15 school calendar approved

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The calendar for the 2014-15 school year has seen much debate because it aimed to take away the two week fall and spring breaks. 

A compromise was reached Monday, as a calendar that had a two week break in the fall and a one week break in the spring was approved. 

The Calendar Committee had presented a calendar that would see a week break in October, a week at Thanksgiving and a week in Spring Break. That calendar did not receive a motion to get it on the floor. 

School Board member Wayne McNeese presented a new calendar, which would see a two week break in the fall from Oct. 6-17, and a break in the spring from March 9-15. The calendar failed initially.

“No matter what we vote in, someone is not going to be happy,” said School Board member Larry Tomlinson. 

Ron Britt said he wanted to see some of the isolated half and full days off eliminated to help ensure the two week breaks. Don Weathers said he wanted to preserve the two week break in fall this year as a transition year for parents and teachers, and then get away from that after this year because the focus was to get more instructional days in before testing. 

McNeese said his calendar did those things. 

“You’re a good salesman, because you just changed my mind,” said Britt. 

Britt gave a second, and the calendar passed on a vote of 4-1. 

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