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Cooper named new WEMA Director

Wilson County announced in a press release that they have named Joey Cooper as new Director of Wilson County Emergency Management. 

“The process has been long, hard and the decision was difficult. I knew that this position was a very important position to fill and needed time and patience to find the right fit for Wilson County,” County Mayor Randall Hutto said in a press release last week.   “This was an intricate process because this person has to be well rounded in many aspects for the job.”

Cooper started as a volunteer with WEMA 24 years ago, and has worked his way up the ranks. Cooper has received extensive training as a paramedic, advanced firefighting, emergency management and hazmat.  He will be sworn into office Nov. 18, and will be confirmed by the County Commission that evening. 

“First off, I am very honored to serve Wilson County as the EMA Director,” Joey Cooper said.  “We are starting a new era here at WEMA and I look forward to working with the Mayor’s Office, County Commission and WEMA employees.” 

Hutto believes that Cooper fills all the requirements he set out to find when trying to get the right person for the position. 

“I wish him well as he takes over.  I also would like to thank Mr. Jewell as he moves on and congratulate him and his team on all their accomplishments while he was in office as our WEMA director.”

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