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BOC approves money to convert Joy Church into new police station

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners approved $294,000 to convert the Joy Church property on Charlie Daniels Parkway to the new police station. 

The property was purchased by the City of Mt. Juliet for $1.5 million with plans to move the police department to that building, giving them more space, as well as City Hall which will take over the entire current building. Joy Church is currently building a new church near the corner of Benders Ferry Road and Lebanon Road. 

“I am reluctantly voting for it,” said Commissioner Jim Bradshaw. He had wanted to move City Hall to the facility, but it eventually got changed to the MJPD. Commissioner Ray Justice was happy about the move. 

“It enhances the park and enhances District 1,” said Justice. “I’m tickled about it.”

Mayor Ed Hagerty and Vice Mayor James Maness were concerned about the cost, because an original estimate was lower. 

The move solved a “$5 million problem.” An estimate a few years ago said that building a much needed new police station would cost the city $5 million. This move could end up just costing the city just under $2 million for the move. 

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