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Justice speaks on efforts to curb impaired driving

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Mt. Juliet City Commissioner and Wilson County Sheriff’s Office Corporal Ray Justice stopped by the monthly Chamber of Commerce luncheon to speak about some of the things the Sheriff’s Office is doing to stop impaired driving. 

Justice said that Wilson County is fourth in the state in alcohol related accidents, and the Sheriff’s Office are working along with the other law enforcement in the county to bring these numbers down.

One of the way they are doing this is a grant that Justice helped secure that pays for overtime and equipment needed to get impaired drivers off the road. Justice said that the grant had already paid for $40,000 of overtime, which helped the Sheriff’s Office increase their traffic stop numbers. Justice said they increased from 4,500 to 8,150 last year. 

He thinks part of the increase is due to the rapid growth Wilson County has seen. 

“Mt. Juliet went from 12,000 to 28,000 people in just 10 years,” said Justice. 

Justice said they have seen a shift in the demographic of impaired drivers in the last few years. He said it used to be that males 24-36 would be the majority, and it would be alcohol at night. But he said they have seen a large increase in women, an average age of 27, being DUIs during the day time while being on medications like Xanax or Loritabs. 

“People need to realize they are behind the wheel of a weapon at that point,” said Justice. 

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