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Wilson County Veterans Plaza accepting bids and donations

The Wilson County Veterans Park and Museum is projected to open at the end of May 2014 and is now accepting bids and donations.  

“We have had several people to call and ask how they could be a part of this beautiful contribution to our veterans,” Bernie Ash, veterans service officer said.

There are two different ways you can contribute.  First, is by donation.  You can come by the Veteran’s Service Office located in the Wilson County Courthouse or call 444-2460; Bernie Ash is willing to meet with anyone to discuss the layout and detail of the project and how you can be a part. 

Second, is by contributions of materials.  A donation of supplies or labor is needed to build the park.  

There has been a meeting set up at 10AM, December 30 in the Commission Room at the Wilson County Courthouse for people to attend and discuss what is needed in terms of materials, supplies and labor.  The meeting is open to the public and we will be taking contributions and taking suggestions of who we can get to take care of the needs for the project.  

The Veteran Services Office has worked hard preparing fundraisers for the park.  They have sold T-shirts, bricks in memory of a veteran and those in support of a veteran.  

If you plan to donate materials, supplies or labor and are unable to attend the meeting you can pick up a bid packet from the Phoenix Builders group.  Our goal is to do all donations of this nature through the bid packet. 

“We hope everyone will get excited as we generate something to honor the people who have sacrificed over the years for our freedom, veterans,” County Mayor Randall Hutto said. 

Steve Robinson of Phoenix Commercial Builders, LLC was awarded the construction manager for the project, he was the lowest bidder.  

Bids will go out on January 6; bids will be opened on January 16 and reviewed on January 17.  Construction on the park is projected to start February 3.

For more information contact the Veteran Services Office at 444-2460.  Bernie Ash or Mrs. Carol Dedman in the office can answer your questions. 

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