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Big things in store for MJ in 2014

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

2013 was a big year for Mt. Juliet but City Manager Kenny Martin thinks it will be surpassed by what’s coming in 2014. 

“Last year was the best year the city had ever had,” said Martin. “2014 should be even better.”

On the business front, you can expect places like Gander Mountain to be open by the end of the year, and possibly Chuck E. Cheese. 

Tire Discounters in Providence will open next to Red Robin. 

A brand new Goodwill will open behind the Walgreens in Providence, which will be  across the street from the new Providence Wine & Spirits. 

Ascend Federal Credit Union will open in Paddocks. 

Mattress Firm will fill that first lot off of I-40. 

Martin said it was a “perfect fit” for that location, and will help make people’s first impressions of Mt. Juliet a positive one instead of looking at the abandoned gas station. 

Sellars Funeral Home will be in their new building across the street from the old one, and will also have some other retail spaces on the property. 

Robinson Crossing will be open at the corner of N. Mt. Juliet Road and Old Lebanon Dirt Road. The Chronicle of Mt. Juliet offices and Robinson Properties offices will be upstairs, and several retail spots will be in the bottom floor. 

Many, many others could possibly come, and Martin is working on that with Public Relations Director Dennis Buchanan. 

He said they are actively searching for a new major car lot, which would be huge tax revenue for the city, and give people more automobile choices. 

Martin also believes that we will have an organic grocery store by the end of the year. 

“I’m pretty darn certain about it,” said Martin. 

Earthfare and Sproutz have been discussed but nothing is definite. 

Martin said he has trying to bring a Dairy Queen back to Mt. Juliet and looking for a possible spot for a Waffle House on the north side of town. 

There will be more rooftops added to Mt. Juliet in 2014 as well. 

Glass Creek Apartments in Paddocks will be ready by the end of the year. Martin said that these apartments will be more than most people pay on their house payment, so they will be a really nice complex. 

Martin said that construction on Lifestyle Communities, the high end community for young professionals, will start construction, which will provide jobs to people in the area. He also hopes that the new subdivision, Nichols Vale, that will bring over 300 homes to the north side, will begin construction as well. 

There will be plenty of jobs added to Mt. Juliet as well as CEVA Logistics expands to over 1,000 employees and Hollister will add 250 employees. 

Some new roadwork will also help out Mt. Juliet. The Eastern Connector from the Beckwith exit on I-40 to Lebanon Road will not be finished, but good progress will be made. 

A reroute of North Greenhill will line it up directly with Benton Douglas Parkway, and a traffic light will be added to help the flow of traffic for the area. That will also allow the corner of North Greenhill and Lebanon Road to be developed for more retail stores on the north side. 

The I-40 interchange at Mt. Juliet Road will also get lighting for the first time, so it won’t be so dark when you are exiting the interstate. 

Along the roadways, the Town Center Trail will be finished, and it will go from the train station to South Greenhill Road, and will tie into the sidewalk system on North Mt. Juliet Road to give citizens plenty of area to walk, bike or run. 

Two big city government projects will take place in 2014. The Mt. Juliet Police Department will have its own home for the first time. The MJPD will move to the old Joy Church property on Charlie Daniels Parkway. Joy Church has built a new building near the corner of Benders Ferry Road and Lebanon Road. The move will free up the existing City Hall offices for more space and to move more departments into the same building. Martin believes this will help city government run more efficiently with nearly every department in the same building. 

Martin and Buchanan said this is just the tip of what could be in store for 2014, and new possibilities arise everyday. 

“Buckle your seatbelt,” said Buchanan. 

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