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New north side neighborhood deferred

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Nichols Vale, a new neighborhood on the north side of town, had some issues deferred in the City Commissioner meeting Monday.
The concern is the neighborhood’s connectivity. The original plan was to have entrances to the neighborhood at Benton Douglas Parkway off of Lebanon Road and Falkner Lane off of N.

Mt. Juliet Road. Sunset Drive was mentioned as a possible connection as well. Also, some residents were upset that the smaller lots of Nichols Vale would be up against the larger lots on Falkner Lane and Sunset Drive.
Hillview neighborhood resident Hunter Wharton told the affect it would have on his family, who just moved into the community in the past year. He and his wife wanted their family to live on an one acre lot in a quiet community. He feared the smaller lots would change the community he sought out.
“It will absolutely change the lifestyle of those live on these streets,” said Wharton.
Residents of the affected areas turned out for the meeting, filling all the seats and lining the walls and hallways leading into the courtroom at Mt. Juliet City Hall.
Residents feared that Falkner Lane is not adequate enough to handle the traffic that would come with a neighborhood with over 400 residences.
The developers agreed to close the access to Falkner Lane, and make the lots that are up against Falkner Lane larger, and only two houses in the Nichols Vale community would have access to Falkner Lane.
An access point on Sunset Drive was suggested, but the same fears that it was not in adequate shape to handle the extra traffic as well.
“It’s going to be a nightmare,” said Mt. Juliet resident Dennis Eastridge.
Other fears voiced by residents was the run off the new development would create, and the impact it would have on the local schools.
Commissioner Ray Justice thanked everyone for being in attendance, and handling the controversial issue with such good decorum. He asked that the item be deferred, and that residents of the Sunset Drive area to come to a meeting Monday, Jan. 20, 6:30 p.m. at City Hall to meet with the developer to further the conversation. He believed that all parties involved could reach a conclusion that would minimize the impact on all parties involved.
“What you are seeing here is a colloborative effort,” said Justice. “There is an effort here to accomplish everything we can get accomplished for you guys,” he said to the residents in attendance.

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