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Hickory Hills addition moving forward

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

A new phase to the Hickory Hills subdivision that would add another connector road to Willoughby Station was approved at the Planning Commission Thursday. 

The new phase had been controversial amongst the residents of the two neighborhoods for several reasons. However, the phase was in the original plans that were approved in 1987, and the City could face a lawsuit if they didn’t let the developer move forward. 

The residents had many concerns including the extra connection that would go through Sydney Terrace, which many see as a safety concern. There were also concerns about the effect on property values, water runoff issues, the impact on the school system, and the traffic concerns added to Willoughby Station’s already traffic filled morning commutes. Some said it took them as much as 35 minutes to get to Mt. Juliet Elementary, which is close by the neighborhoods. 

Many people from the neighborhoods showed up to voice their concerns on the item, which was on the floor for over two hours. Lori Landry sympathized with the crowd. She said she has seen her backyard become Providence over the last several years. 

“I fully understand growing pains,” said Landry. 

Many asked if they commissioners could put an emergency services gate in the middle of Sydney Terrace to keep the through traffic from using that road. Others asked to extend Devonshire to Division Street. Both options were considered not feasible by the planning commission. 

In other business, the planning commission allowed for a larger sign for Gander Mountain, and approved a site plan and preliminary plat for Vintage Wine & Spirits. It will be the third wine and spirits store located directly east of Shiloh Plaza, and will tie into their parking lot as well. 

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