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Commissioners defer items

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners deferred two items in hopes of getting a better resolution in their meeting Monday.

The first had to do with an addition to Carrick Glen Senior Living. A plan of services was to be voted on, as well as an ordinance to annex a portion of the city into the City of Mt. Juliet. 

Carrick Glen is wanting to add a memory care center to the existing complex. It will have a separate entrance that will come out near one of the sharp turns on NW Rutland Road. The piece of property is just a thin strip. 

Commissioner Ray Justice was concerned about the traffic on the rural road, which contains two really sharp turns. He said the road will probably eventually be connected to Beckwith Road, which will cause more traffic and will cause the city to  have to straighten out those turns for safety reasons. 

“We like what you are doing as a whole,” said Mayor Ed Hagerty. 

Hagerty said Carrick Glen was great to have in Mt. Juliet and serves a major need in the community.

“If that tiny sliver is built upon it will inhabit the proper fix,” said Hagerty about the road. 

Hagerty suggested that representation for the project go back to the developer, and see if there is a better option because it didn’t appear they would get the votes to move forward, and have to start over. The item was deferred for two meetings. 

The second item deferred was putting a possible guardrail on Old Lebanon Dirt Road near the stone wall, which is a National Historically preserved wall. 

“I could care less about the wall,” said Justice. He said the reason he brought the item to the table was because there had been 14 wrecks since 2011 right at that spot, and he is afraid that someone is going to lose their life. One wreck needed a lifeflight. 

Public Works Director Marlin Keel said that it will be difficult to get a guardrail there because it will be right on the road, so a better option needed to be explored. Hagerty wanted to check with the State of Tennessee to see when a possible four lane expansion of Old Lebanon Dirt Road could be done, because that would fix that problem, as well as other problems. 

The item was deferred to get hard numbers on how to best fix the problem. 

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