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Teachers of the Year: Rutland’s Jessica Davis

This week, we highlight another Teacher of the Year, Rutland Elementary’s Jessica Davis. 

“I’m honored…speechless,” said Davis about the honor. 

Davis has been a third grade teacher at Rutland for seven years, but she still considers herself a new teacher. She said that is why it surprised her that she won the Teacher of the Year. 

Davis said she loves teaching third grade because they are eager to learn. 

“They have a love of learning,” said Davis. 

Davis said third graders are starting to formulate their own opinions and becoming more independent. 

Davis will be up for Wilson County Teacher of the Year April 11. The event will be held at Cumberland University and is sponsored by Cedar Stone Bank and Wilson County Motors. Davis said she can stand up in front of kids all day long and teach, but the banquet and being honored will be a different story. 

“It makes me very nervous,” she said. 

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