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Diamond Skills Training coming to Wilson County Kids Club

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Some Wilson County Kids Club members are going to get the chance for great baseball and softball fundamental training. 

Students at Elzie Patton, Rutland, Mt. Juliet Elementary, Lakeview and Gladeville who attend the Wilson County Kids Club will get training from Diamond Skills Training at no charge to the parents. It will run eight weeks. 

“We hope to build a solid foundation,” said Casey Baron, one of the Directors of Diamond Skills training. Barron is a former professional baseball player who spent time in the Milwaukee Brewers organization. The other Director is Brian Vivrette, who has coached in the Mt. Juliet League system for over eight years. 

There is 20 slots per school for Kids Club members. If your child is not in Kids Club and there are slots available, they would be charged the per day rate for Kids Club. 

Diamond Skills Training will introduce kids to the game, teach them proper catching technique, correct fielding form and a solid hitting foundation. Baron said they will use simple, safe drills that can be also used inside if it is raining that day. 

Diamond Skills Training will also be doing lessons at the Mt. Juliet Community Center starting soon. Friday nights will focus on the offensive part of the game, and Sunday will be pitching lessons. Dates are not determined as of yet, but around Spring Break should be the expected launch date. 

For more information on Diamond Skills Training, check out their website at You can also register there as well. You can reach Baron at and Vivrette at 

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