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History covered up

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

One of Mt. Juliet’s landmarks is going to be hid for quite some time. 

Property owner Larry Kent has tried to get the city of Mt. Juliet to do something to protect the wall, but a conclusion has not yet been reached. An item on Feb. 10 was deferred at the Board of Commissioners for more research on how to fix the problem. 

“I’ve been fighting this since I was 9-years-old,” said Kent. 

There has been 14 wrecks at that site since 2011, with the a recent one needing a life flight to Vanderbilt Hospital. 

Since the wall is a Nationally Registered Historical Landmark, each time it is damaged, Kent has to arrange for someone to come and place it back exactly as it was before. The driver’s insurance pays for it, but Kent is the one that has to arrange the repair and take care of it. 

Kent decided to put concrete barriers all the way down the wall. He said he hated doing it, but he had to do it to protect the wall. 

The wall was built around 1900 by John Chandler. 

Kent is descendant of that family, and he fears that it will be his descendants that eventually will get to remove the concrete barriers. 

Some ideas that have been discussed of fixing the area is a guardrail, a barrier in the ditch, or the eventual widening of Old Lebanon Dirt Road. 

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