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Teacher of the Year: West Wilson Middle’s Melissa Robinson

This week we meet West Wilson Middle School Teacher of the Year, Melissa Robinson. 

Robinson has been a teacher for 16 years, all in Wilson County, and has spent the last 6.5 years at West Wilson Middle. 

She has been a classroom teacher, but recently made the switch to the library. 

“I love that my impact on students is now expanded to the entire student body and not just one classroom,” said Robinson. 

Robinson was thrilled to be chosen as Teacher of the Year. 

“It means the world not only to be chosen as Teacher of the Year out of all the deserving people I work with, but also to be chosen by your peers,” said Robinson. “To know that they see value in you as an educator means so much.”

Robinson will be up for Wilson County Teacher of the Year. The banquet for that will be held April 11 at Cumberland University and is sponsored by Cedar Stone Bank and Wilson County Motors. 

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