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School Board sets criteria for new director search

The Wilson County School Board set their criteria for the new Director of Schools search Friday. 

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Previously, the School Board hired someone to help with the search, but  the Board will handle reviewing all the applications and determining the candidates this time around. 

The school system began accepting resumes on March 10, and will until March 28. 

After the March 28 deadline, the School Board members will receive copies of each resume, and they will have until April 7 to submit their top eight candidates and submit those names to Board Chairman Don Weathers. 

A tally sheet will be created, and any candidate receiving three or more votes will be included in the open meeting interviews to be held at the board office. 

That will happen on April 12, beginning at 8 a.m., until all interviews are complete. Each board member will submit an evaluation for each candidate once their interview is completed. 

The top two candidates will have their references checked, have a background check and drug test, then submit to a second interview to be held May 3. 

Once a candidate is chosen, the board will enter contract negotiations, which are planned to be completed by May 15. 

If that doesn’t go through, negotiations will start with a second candidate with the final contract to be finalized by May 23. 

The new director will be announced at the June 2 meeting. 

The School Board also approved a differentiated pay scale for teachers that will see the base salary raised the next few years, and raises based on evaluations. 

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