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Planning commission moves Chuck E. Cheese forward

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The planning commission approved the site plan and final master development plan for Chuck E. Cheese in Providence. 

Chuck E. Cheese will be located at 66 Belinda Parkway right near the H.H. Gregg and Two Rivers Ford. 

It will be next to the Gander Mountain which has already been approved as well and is under construction. 

An issue discussed was the possibility of sidewalks up near the road. 

H.H. Gregg has a sidewalk, but Two Rivers Ford does not. 

The commission has made a concerted effort to get more sidewalks in the city to increase the walkability. 

However, Chuck E. Cheese representatives said they felt singled out because Gander Mountain was not required to put in a sidewalk. 

The commissioners assured them they were definitely not being singled out and the absence of sidewalks in front of Gander Mountain was an oversight. 

They hoped to reach out the representatives from Gander Mountain and Two Rivers Ford to see if they can lengthen the sidewalks and tie into the others in the area. 

“You’re just a piece in the puzzle to help us get there,” said Commissioner Art Giles to Chuck E. Cheese representatives. 

They eventually agreed to the sidewalks, saying that it was in the best interest in the safety of children to have them there, and that is what Chuck E. Cheese is all about. 

A zoning change near Mt. Juliet Road Oakmont Drive was approved. 

The change was made for an assisted living facility that will be built. Residents of the neighborhood behind complained that the wooded area in the back of the property would be disturbed, and would eliminate the buffer they had from the noise of N. Mt. Juliet Road. 

The commissioners said there would be a D buffer between the property and the neighborhood, which  is the strongest buffer category they have. 

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