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Aulgur running for Chancellor

Gordon Aulgur, a lifelong Conservative Republican and Mount Juliet resident, is running for the office of Chancellor for the 15th Judicial District, comprised of Wilson, Macon, Smith, Jackson and Trousdale Counties.  Aulgur, a member of the prestigious law firm of Brewer, Krause, Brooks, Chastain & Burrow, has practice law for 15 years throughout Middle Tennessee.  His goal as the next 15th Judicial District Chancellor is to bring conservative values to the bench and restore judicial restraint.

“I am very excited and pleased to announce my candidacy for Chancellor,” said Aulgur.  “For the last 15 years, I have represented numerous clients across our great state.  I have been in front of numerous judges from state to federal courts.  I have also developed a sub-specialty in appellate work, arguing a significant number of cases in front of the Tennessee Supreme Court.  I believe this experience has provided me with valuable lessons on judicial temperament and restraint.  I know, from my experience and my clients’ perspective, that a good judge is a one who weighs the evidence fairly and bases his rulings on the written letter of the law.  This varied and vast background has prepared me to step in on day one and be the type of Chancellor the 15th Judicial District deserves.”

Aulgur is a proud member of the Republican parties for Wilson County, Macon County, Smith County, and Jackson County.  “I had every intention to run under the Republican banner, but unfortunately the 15th Judicial District, unlike the other districts in Middle Tennessee, runs a non-partisan race,” said Aulgur.  “Even though the ballot will not designate my party affiliation, I want the people of the 15th Judicial District to know I am the only candidate running for Chancellor who qualifies as a bona fide Republican under the State by-laws.  I just want the voters to know exactly who I am and what I stand for when they exercise their right to vote.”  

Aulgur received his bachelor degree in economics from Monmouth College in 1992.  He then graduated in 1996 with a degree in law from Washington University in St. Louis, the 19th ranked law school in the United States, according to U.S. News and World Reports.  After graduation, Aulgur bypassed jobs at the large firms, opting instead to clerk for a year for Circuit Judge Don R. Ash of the 16th Judicial District.  He then joined the firm of Brewer, Krause, Brooks, Chastain & Burrow, where he has maintained his practice.

Though it is typical for judges to place witnesses under oath, Aulgur wants to make an oath to the people of the 15th Judicial District.  “If I am given the honor to be elected Chancellor, I solemnly swear the following:  First, I will not legislate from the bench.  The role of a judge is to fairly interpret the laws of the State of Tennessee, not rewrite the laws.  Second, I will enforce the Constitution as written.  I am a strict constructionist, and I do not believe the Constitution is a living, malleable document.  Third, I will fairly and impartially apply the law regardless of the person in court before me, without consideration as to the person’s race, religion, creed or affiliations.  Finally, I will be prepared to hear all the cases on my docket on the date scheduled, and I will hold court until all cases are heard.  A judge’s day is defined by his docket and he cannot end court until everyone has had a fair hearing,” said Aulgur.

Aulgur takes as much pride in his personal life as his professional.  He and his wife Jill, live in Mount Juliet, with their two boys, Alex, 6, and Jake, 3.  He enjoys spending time with his boy from coaching soccer to building Lego sets, Aulgur has found enormous fulfillment from his relationship with his sons.  He is also very proud of his wife’s volunteer work in Wilson County as a child advocate for CASA and the room mother for Alex’s kindergarten class.  

The election for Chancellor is August 7, 2014.  Early voting begins July 18th.

Aulgur welcomes the opportunity to speak with voters regarding his plans for the 15th Judicial District.  Aulgur can be reached at,, 615-979-5881 and his campaign can be followed on Facebook at /aulgur4chancellor and Twitter at @GAulgur.     

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