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Division turn lane improving traffic flow

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

People are used to the traffic in Providence and N. Mt. Juliet Road, but another busy spot has been at the corner of Division and South Greenhill. 

With the population in the area, and the rules of the quiet zone, traffic could back up a half mile on South Greenhill. 

But two changes have at least lessened the burden on the intersection. There has been a turn lane added on Divsion, and an interactive signal. 

That helps move the traffic east/west. which will free up more green lights for the people coming off South Greenhill. 

“It’s just a simple way to move more cars through,” said Vice Mayor James Maness. 

Maness said traffic still is a problem in the area, but has been lessened and the city is working on ways to further improve it. The difficulty is that there are restrictions placed upon the intersection because of the quiet zone and railroad crossing.

“I think it was needed,” said Hickory Hills resident Stephen Webber of the new turn lane.  “People have always just made their own lane, driving on the shoulder, and that can be dangerous.” 

Maness said that it is still a possibility to extend South Greenhill all the way to Old Lebanon Dirt Road to help people move easier through the area, and to help emergency services vehicles have better access. 

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