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Charlie Daniels talks the dangers of bullying at Gladeville Elementary

On Wednesday, April 16, Charlie Daniels dropped in to visit with his friends at Gladeville Elementary School to talk  about bullying.  

Charlie related his experiences of growing up in the Carolinas and Georgia. His Dad was a timber buyer and his job required the family to move fairly often, which meant as a child, Charlie often found himself being the “new” kid at school. He told the children that he had encountered bullies and found them to be cowards. Reporting bullying is a duty and no one should ever feel awkward reporting bullies. He took time to answer questions and to visit with the students. The Gladeville Elementary staff and students entertained Charlie with a musical rendition of theirs as a way of saying thanks for stopping by.  

Due to Charlie’s busy touring schedule with the Charlie Daniels Band, this was a rare opportunity for him to have the time to visit with his friends at Gladeville Elementary.  The remainder of 2014 will find him and the CDB criss-crossing the USA and Canada.

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