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New Beckwith neighborhood given negative recommendation by planning commission

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

A new neighborhood off of Beckwith Road was given a negative recommendation by the Planning Commission Thursday night. 

The property was located on Beckwith Road near Rutland Road, and was to have 110 houses on 48.8 acres. There were several concerns by the commissioners, particularly of their only being one entrance into the community. Neighborhoods with more than 100 homes are asked to have more than one entrance. 

“I need to stay consistent to what we have done out there,” said Planning Commission Chairman Luke Winchester. 

The developers of the property said they had no problem cutting back to 100 lots, but the commission requested to see a new drawing of the community once the 10 homes were taken away. Winchester suggested that the developers ask for a deferral so they could redraw the plans and fix some other issues. They elected to go ahead with the vote, and it was a negative recommendation, voted unanimously. The neighborhood will now move on to the Board of Commissioners at the May 12 meeting. 

The planning commission also accepted a deferral for a city property located adjacent to Paddocks. The property is eight acres on the southwest side of Walmart. It is currently RS-40, but the city was asking for a change to Commercial Mixed Use. The commissioners feared that if they changed it to CMU without a PUD, a developer could come in and develop the land at the base of what CMU requires, instead of matching the requirements of neighboring Paddocks. 

The land is a possible new location for a major car lot that is looking in the area. City Manager Kenny Martin requested a deferral until City staff could work some of the issues out. 

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