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City Commissioners demand sidewalks on all new businesses

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

If you are going to develop a commercial lot in Mt. Juliet, you will be required to construct a sidewalk on all public streets after a vote Monday. 

The commissioners voted unamimously to require all business that build in Mt. Juliet to construct a sidewalk on all sides that abut a public street. 

“If you don’t want a sidewalk, don’t buy the property,” said Commissioner Art Giles, who co-sponsored the bill with Jim Bradshaw. 

The move is to increase the walkability in the city limits. Recently, businesses had come in and the planning commission didn’t catch that some were coming in without sidewalks. Gander Mountain wasn’t required to put one in, but the commission asked Chuck E. Cheese, which will be adjacent, to add one. They agreed, and City Manager Kenny Martin has been in talks with Gander Mountain about continuing that sidewalk on so it connects with the one in front of H.H. Gregg. 

The hope is to connect all the dots in the city and make a larger sidewalk system so people can get freely throughout the city on foot safely. 

In other business, the city required that all cell phone towers be disguised with their surroundings. Towers can be constructed in manners such as a flag pole, a utility pole, and many other ways. The large American flag seen from I-40 near the Mt. Juliet exit also doubles a cell phone tower. 

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