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Controversial book back on reading list

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

A book that was taken off a high school reading list by the School Board is back on from time being. 

“The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” by Mark Haddon was taken off the list by a 3-1 vote at the May 5 board meeting. The item was brought up by Board Member Wayne McNeese who took objection to the profanity in the book. 

But in a email Friday, Interim Director of Schools Mary Ann Sparks said the book will remain on the reading list for now. 

“Wilson County Schools Board Policy 4.400 provides procedures for review and reconsideration of allegedly inappropriate instructional materials. The Board wishes to remain in compliance with this policy and therefore will ask the Director to review this complaint within the guidelines of the current policy rather than implementing the changes recently considered. Any further discussion will be considered at the June board meeting,”

Sparks wrote in the email. 

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