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W.A. Wright gets much needed security upgrade

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

W.A. Wright Elementary got a much needed security update recently, the quality of which is rare for elementary schools. 

The school had never updated their system, which was on analog with black and white monitors. This one, provided by Avigilon out of Lebanon, gives the capability to see more areas in the school with color pictures as well as being able to view the cameras from an iPad. This makes the job much easier for the school’s School Resource Officer, Deputy Jarrod Buhler. 

“It makes it so much easier to help protect the students and the staff,” said Buhler.  “I think it’s made a really big difference.”

Buhler said before he just had to walk the halls constantly to make sure everything was covered. This way, he can go to the places he needs to go, while also having the iPad handy in case something was to happen in another part of the school. 

Principal Jill Giles said it was like going from a black and white TV to a Bluray. 

“I’m thrilled with the new system,” said Giles. “It makes us more confident. We have better coverage outside and the whole school.”

The new system was become a reality because of the help of the PALS group at the school. Buhler told Mindy Oldham, one of the members of the PALS, and she took on the task. With an extra fundraiser or two, the group was able to purchase the security system for just under $18,000. 

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