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Frankich receives Everyday Heroes award

From the Mt. Juliet Police Department

Mt. Juliet Emergency Communications Center Telecommunicator Richard Frankich received the Everyday Heroes award Sunday evening at the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) Conference at the Music City Center. The award, presented by the 911 Cares project, recognizes two emergency communication professionals a year who demonstrate an exemplary action while handling an emergency incident.

Richard Frankich was recognized at the NENA Award Ceremony by 911 Cares Project CEO Kevin Willet for his actions during a June 2013 Officer-Needs-Help call.  During the call, Frankich was the lone dispatcher in Mt. Juliet’s emergency communications center who worked purposefully to ensure an officer had the proper resources and back-up while dealing with a group of individuals who began to surround the officer.

Frankich was only one of two Telecommunicators selected nationally to receive the Everyday Heroes award, and he is the first Mt. Juliet Telecommunicator to be honored with this award.

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