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Justice calling for sewer, road improvements

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Commissioner Ray Justice thinks it is time to get serious about the infrastructure in Mt. Juliet. 

With all the growth that has come to Mt. Juliet, Justice thinks the city could have some catching up to do on issues like the sewer and roads. 

“We keep talking about it, but nothing is getting done,” said Justice. 

Justice said the sewer south of the interstate has been needed to be upgraded for quite some time, and it has been discussed. He also said driving through the area, it is obvious that traffic needs to be fixed. 

“Anyone that likes driving in that area needs a psychological evaluation,” joked Justice. 

Justice said the growing pains in Mt. Juliet have become a growing migraine, and something needs to be done. He mentioned at the commissioner meeting that he was going to bring forward a resolution that would put a moratorium on development in the city until they can work out the traffic and sewer problems. He is going to request a deferral for six months so the city staff can devise a plan to tackle the problems. He said that TDOT keeps asking them for studies on certain areas, but he thinks some issues would be better handled in the city. 

“The studies seem to go out the window,” said Justice. 

Justice said he had great faith in new Public Works Director Jessica Gore, who he said was definitely a go-getter. 

“She can make a significant impact on her own,” Justice said. 

The next Board of Commissioners meeting is July 14, 6:30 p.m. at City Hall. 

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