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Former MJ girl starting library in African orphanage

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Aubrey Ropiecki, formerly of Mt. Juliet, now of Freetown, Sierra Leone in Africa, is starting a library at an orphanage her family has helped build. She is going to run it while teaching the kids how to work there, and hopes to open more libraries at other orphanages. 

She is also just 13 years old. 

Ropiecki’s family moved to Sierra Leone three years ago with The Raining Season, an organization that builds and operates orphanages in Sierra Leone. The family has worked on the orphanage in various capacities, including the construction, which Aubrey’s father Michael does for a living. 

Aubrey’s mother Rachel suggested that she get involved, and floated the idea of being a librarian. 

“I said, yes, I got to be a librarian,” said Aubrey. 

Aubrey spoke with some people and learned how they would set up the library, including the card catalog system, which she will teach to the kids. There will also be a book of the week that Aubrey will pick to start. Eventually, they will take over and run it themselves. It will help teach the kids responsibility and job skills. 

For more information on The Raining Season, go to You can donate also on The Bridge Fellowship’s website at

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