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Brockman seeks re-election as County Commissioner

Jason Brockman currently serves as your County Commissioner representing the citizens of District 16, which includes areas of Mt. Juliet. He is seeking to serve you again and requests your support in the upcoming election on August 7th. Jason is a 14 year veteran on the City of Mt. Juliet Police Department, the 2006 Officer of the Year, and an Eagle Scout. He also belongs to, and works with, many other civic and community organizations as a volunteer for the betterment of Mt. Juliet and Wilson County. Jason is a graduate of Mt. Juliet High School and is married to the former Crystal Johnson of Mt. Juliet and has an 11 month old son, Landyn.  

Since his election in 2010, Jason has devoted a good deal of his time as your Commissioner to fulfilling his campaign promises of promoting the enhancement of fire protection, additional ambulance service, finding ways to improve our schools, and providing the residents of District 16 with a representative that is attentive to their concerns. He has consistently voted against proposals to raise taxes and has attended 100% of the County Commission meetings. 

Looking forward to serving you again, Jason’s goal is to concentrate on the often repeated concern about the need for better infrastructure in the community. He will be vigilant and a strong defender for those who have concerns about the annexation of property into the city without regard for the wishes of the residents living in those areas. He has received an endorsement from Tennesseans Against Forced Annexation. 

When Jason won the election in 2010, he upset a 40 year incumbent. Now, the daughter of that former incumbent is challenging Jason for the 16th District county commission seat. Jason believes the seat belongs to the people of District 16 not one family.

With your vote and support, Jason Brockman will continue to stand for transparency in government. He will continue the fight against conflicts of interests, self-serving politics, and nepotism.  He will fight for a balanced budget and pledges to not raise property taxes. Jason will be your voice against forced annexation and will continue to focus on improving our local infrastructure.

Jason is grateful for your support and asks for the honor of allowing him to complete the work he has begun for you. Cast your vote for Jason Brockman on August 7, 2014.

For more information go to www.votebrockman.comor follow Jason Brockman on Facebook at

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