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Commissioners discuss keeping up with growth

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The Board of Commissioners discussed the possibility of temporary halting applications for multi-family developments. 

The issue was brought forward by Commissioner Ray Justice who thought that the city has not kept up the infrastructure south of the interstate. 

“We’re struggling to keep up,” said Justice, who felt the road issues and the burden placed on the sewer system, which he said is at a breaking point. 

“My intention is not stop the rooftops or retail,” said Justice. 

He called on the citizens to hold the commissioners accountable for fixing the problem. 

Mayor Ed Hagerty disagreed, saying the city has properly planned to keep up with the growth. 

“We have more plans than you can shake a stick at,” said Hagerty. “Throughout it all, I think we’ve done a pretty good job.”

Hagerty said if you compare us to some cities in the area like Murfreesboro or Green Hills, Mt. Juliet has kept up pretty well. 

Hagerty cited several polls which placed Mt. Juliet as the third most family friendly city, the third most business friendly, and the sixth safest city in the state. 

“That is a record to be proud of,” said Hagerty. 

Hagerty said some of the people that are upset about the problems also voted for things like Providence Marketplace and the retail and residential developments in the area. 

“It is disingenuous to rail against it if you voted for it,” said Hagerty. 

Hagerty mentioned many of the projects that are coming in the future that will help alleviate some of the problems. The Eastern Connector, which will run from the Beckwith Road exit on I-40 to Lebanon Road will give another north-south connector. The Central Pike exit on I-40 will help alleviate traffic on the Mt. Juliet Road exit. There will be an adaptive signal project in Providence that will change the stop lights from a timer to one that changes based on volume. There is also plans to widen the I-40 bridge on Mt. Juliet Road, add an extra right turn lane on Belinda Parkway onto Mt. Juliet Road, and an extra right turn lane on Providence Parkway onto Mt. Juliet Road. Since Mt. Juliet Road is a state road, the City of Mt. Juliet has to provide studies to TDOT to show a need for these changes, and TDOT has to approve it, which can sometimes take time due to the high number of state roads and projects. 

Hagerty said that with some of the issues, unfortunately, things move at “the speed of government.”

After the discussion item, the ordinance to issue a moratorium on multi-family developments was removed from the agenda by Justice. 

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