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New EPE Principal, Assistant, excited for new year

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The administration at Elzie Patton Elementary is pumped for the 2014-15 school year. 

There were some changes in the administrative positions, but there is a familiar face at principal. Wilma J. Hawkins is in her fourth year at Elzie Patton, but this will be her first year as Principal. She was Assistant Principal the last three years. Hawkins has loved her time at the school and is excited to take over the Principal position. 

“The connection that I feel here between the faculty and families is special,” Hawkins said of the school. 

She said that the teachers’ primary goal is for the students to learn, and the entire staff has a lot of love for the children. 

Hawkins said it has been surprising the difference in moving from Assistant Principal to Principal. She said the amount of correspondence from the Central Office, the faculty and parents is non-stop. 

“When I am out, I am still here,” said Hawkins. She said she loves being so in touch with the community on a daily basis. She said she is looking forward to further building that relationship in the future. 

Joining Elzie Patton as the new Assistant Principal is Dr. Alisha Hayes. Hayes has been a second grade teacher in Metro-Nashville Public Schools for seven years, but wanted to make the move to administration. She just recently finished her doctorate. 

“It’s something I always wanted to do,” Hayes said of the move to administration. “I’m happy to be at Elzie Patton.”

Hayes said she wanted to do more outside of her classroom. She also said she felt like a number at MNPS, and Wilson County Schools is a more tight knit community. She said it will be nice to walk into the Central Office and know the people there, as well as them knowing her. 

The two are very excited about the school year, and look forward to great teamwork between the students, faculty, administration and parents. She hopes everyone comes back to school as excited as they are. 

“We want to make this school the best in Wilson County,” said Hawkins. 

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