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Hutto talks of great things happening in Wilson County

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto stopped by the Chamber Luncheon Wednesday to tell where the county is, and where it is headed. 

“You live in a great county,” said Hutto. “Great things are happening in Wilson County.”

Hutto went over the list of honors Wilson County and Mt. Juliet have had bestowed upon it in the last few years. Wilson County was named the eighth most livable small community in the nation, and the 5th Healthiest County according to the Robert Wood Johnson foundation. Wilson County is the third fastest growing county in the state, and the second wealthiest. Wilson County is within 650 miles of 75 percent of the major markets of the United States. 

Mt. Juliet has been named the sixth safest city in the state, and the fourth most business friendly. It is the third most family friendly city and the second fastest growing city. Mt. Juliet has the lowest property rate, and has been voted the most playful city. 

“You have made this happen,” said Hutto. “You are the difference makers.”

Hutto then moved over to the school system, which achieved Annual Measurable Objectives for the 2012-2013 school year, and had the top graduation rate in the state. He also talked about the newly finished Watertown High School, which means the oldest high school in the county is just 11 years old. He also talked about a plan to retain and recruit good teachers, which will be the focus moving forward. Wilson County ranks 80th in the state for average teacher salary. There is also a push to get computers in the hands of every student in the next several years. 

Hutto then moved to public safety where he talked about the expansion of WEMA with extra stations in rural areas of the county, and the push to further protect Mt. Juliet. 

“Our goal is to put a third ambulance in Mt. Juliet,” said Hutto. 

Hutto then moved to what lies ahead including a full service hotel in Mt. Juliet, a multi-use sports park, an expo center, and the re-opening of the Nashville Super Speedway. He also hopes to get the Central Pike exit on I-40 moving forward, as well as a bypass lane on the Music City Star tracks which would allow for more train rides into the city. 

“A lot of things are happening here,” said Hutto.

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