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Yokom ready for school year at SCE

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

It’s the last few days before the school year starts, and new Stoner Creek Elementary Assistant Principal Jennifer Yokom is excited about what lies ahead. 

“We’ve got great things happening this year,” Yokom said. 

Yokom is looking forward to many things, one of them being an RTI Intervention Program, a tech based program that helps get students where they need to be. She also is ready for the one fundraiser of the year for the Bobcats, the Bash and Dash, which is coming Sept. 29. 

The school year hasn’t even started, but Yokom said that she already knows a large portion of the families that will be walking in for the first day Friday. 

“We have wonderful parent involvement,” said Yokom. 

Yokom said parents want to be involved, even when it is helping a teacher get their room ready or helping in any way they can.

Yokom has spent the last 13 years at W.A. Wright Elementary as Computer Tech teacher, 4th grade math teacher, and a 2nd grade Teacher. The last three months of the 2013-2014 school year, she was the Interim Assistant Principal at the school. 

Yokom always loved school. When she was in third grade at Lakeview Elementary, she said that she would think to herself that she would be a good principal then. So it was only natural that after graduating from Mt. Juliet High School and college, she would return to the school system that educated her. 

“I want to help the teachers be the best they can be and serve the students,” said Yokom. 

Yokom said that she will use the same motto that has gotten her through her time as a teacher when school starts Friday. 

“Expect the best, plan for the worst, always prepare to be surprised.”

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