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Sleep Apnea care at Medical Necessities

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

For people who suffer from sleep apnea, having easy access to care is of the utmost importance. 

Luckily for people in Mt. Juliet, Medical Necessities is located right in the heart of Mt. Juliet. 

Medical Necessities is the largest home medical equipment care provider in Tennessee with seven locations throughout the region. They handle many home medical equipment needs at their locations, but the Mt. Juliet location focuses on CPAP and BiPap machines for sleep apnea. They care for 400 patients a month just for that condition. 

Medical Necessities accepts all types of insurance and Medicare. Medicare recently went to a competitive bid system for home equipment. Medical Necessities was one of the companies that won that bid, and one of the few in the area that can accept Medicare. 

“We are able to meet their needs on education and equipment,” said . 

Medical Necessities are located at 2740 N. Mt. Juliet Road. They can be reached at (615)997-0861. 

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