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MJ woman hits the red carpet

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

From a farm on Central Pike to the red carpets in Los Angeles, Terri Minton has had a lot of fun in the acting world. 

“It’s been a crazy, amazing ride,” said Minton. 

Minton has been acting for almost 20 years. She started when a friend recommended it to her, and she eventually got a part in a Collin Raye video, “One Boy, One Girl.”

Through lots of hard work in more music videos, commercials, short films, and TV shows, Minton landed a part in “Army Wives” where she had a scene with one of the series regulars. She went on to play Tim McGraw’s assistant in the feature film “Country Strong”, and played Powers Boothe’s nurse on the first season of “Nashville”. 

But Minton has found her way into family films and television, something she thinks there needs to be more of out there. 

“We need something we can take the whole family to,” said Minton. 

She said she likes the family films she has been a part of because they all have redeeming messages, and it is important. 

“I totally believe it is God’s timing,” said Minton of her move into the family films. 

After doing a film called “Summer Snow” a few years back, the director Nancy Criss contacted her about a lead part in a film called “A Horse for Summer.” Her part was to play the wife of Dean Cain. 

Minton got the part and flew out to Phoenix, Az. to shoot the film. Recently, she got to walk the red carpet for its premiere in Los Angeles, Calif. 

That led to another part on a syndicated Fox show that will be airing this fall called “The Sparrows.” Look for that coming soon. 

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