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Rockstar wins at Nationals

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The awards keep rolling in for Rockstar Academy of Dance. 

Students from the school recently attended a national competition in Myrtle Beach, S.C. and ended up winning three dances overall. 

“We are pretty proud of these kids,” said Rockstar’s Lacy Chandler. 

The students won a solo (10-year-old), duo (8-and-under), and trio (9-12-years-old).

An average of 45 kids compete for Rockstar during January through July. Chandler said they go to a different national competition each year, and try to pick different cities for the students to visit. 

“We like to show kids new places,” said Chandler. “They get to see places that most kids don’t get to see.”

Chandler said they have been to places such as Chicago, Louisville, Memphis, St. Louis and Georgia. The team won Best Studio at the regional competition they attended in Chicago. 

Chandler said the success they’ve seen at Rockstar is attributed to how hard the kids work. She said many of them work four to five hours a day, four or five days a week. Kids have to audition for the competition team, which usually happens in July or August. 

“They work really hard,” said Chandler. “They take it very serious.”

Rockstar is about to see an expansion of an extra 1,200 square feet within the next month. That will be to make room for a new after school program that will be starting. 

For more information on that program, or all the programs at Rockstar Academy of Dance, call (615)773-4067. You can also check them out on the web at, or on their Facebook page. Rockstar Academy of Dance is located at 1251 N. Mt. Juliet Road. 

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