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New Providence neighborhood deferred

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

A new neighborhood called Baird Farm, which would add 269 more homes to the Providence area, was deferred at the planning commission Thursday. 

The neighborhood had been on the agenda before, but was deferred then as well because the representation felt it wasn’t ready. 

The neighborhood would have entrances on Providence Trail and South Rutland Road. The South Rutland Road entrance would be on the 90 degree turn on the road, which would be turned into a three way stop. The developers also agreed to add turning lanes off of South Rutland Road on to Central Pike, as well as two other locations. The developers also agreed to make a $750 per lot donation to the city for future road improvements. Commissioner Brian Abston thought it wasn’t enough, as he thinks the new neighborhood will worsen some of the problems already in Providence. 

“You’re not fixing a problem, you are adding one,” said Abston. 

Abston wanted a three way stop on Providence Trail, which the developers said they could eventually work out. 

Commissioner Jim Bradshaw was also at the meeting and spoke in citizen comments that he will be voting no for the neighborhood when it comes to the City Commission. 

Representation for the project eventually decided to defer the project for another month so they can work out some of the concerns of the public and commission. 

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