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Lasaters set to open Thursday PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

For over 10 years, the people of Clarksville have flocked to Lasater’s Coffee & Tea, leading to numerous awards and honors. 

Facing obstacles in the new year PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, January 6, 2015

By Teddy Savage

Planet Fitness Training Coordinator

Obstacles… We all have them right? It seems they lie around every twist and every turn that we make in our lives. The moment we try to make one giant stride or leap of faith, up pops a hurdle, or two, or three, or maybe even five. The most intriguing thing about these speed humps, is that most of the time, we create them ourselves. We allow our own fears to hinder us from realizing our full potential and achieving the goals we set forth for becoming the best we can be.

 It seems this paradox rears its ugly head annually, right around this time of year. When we make that declaration that we “resolve” to attain a tangible goal, a fitness resolution. We muster up all the courage needed to spark the desire for change, only to allow those pesky fears to extinguish the flame. Many times these fears fall under five major categories:

1. The fear of anxiety

2. The fear of feeling stupid

3. The fear of being a klutz

4. The fear of not belonging

5. The fear of the hard sell

Let’s identify each one of these fears and then flip them in a way that will help us to overcome them and use them as fuel to see our fitness futures out to their ultimate potential. The fear of anxiety is being uncertain that we look the way we want to, or feel the way we ought to. This fear affects our confidence and leads to a sense of discouragement. However, if we saw this fear as an opportunity to go somewhere that was free of judgment. A place where we could identify with individuals that shared in the same fight that we did, and had an atmosphere that was friendly and conducive to making healthy lifestyle changes. That could catapult us in the right direction and make all the difference.

Similarly, most of us are not frequent gym users and don’t possess a certain level of knowledge of the equipment or understanding of how to use it properly in the confines of a workout. This leads to the fear of feeling stupid. This fear has a deep impact on our pride. However, our lack of understanding can be seen as a blank canvas; One that requires no erasing of mistakes or blemishes, only the addition of proper instruction and encouraging guidance. Going to a gym that has a certified trainer that doesn’t work off of commission, but instead, has a vested interest in the members he/she works with and instructs, would be the guiding light that many of us need to navigate through the unknown. This would allow us to gain the knowledge needed to stay on track with our goals and have the help to keep going when we fall on hard times.

In similar fashion, the fear of being a klutz, or not being in sync with everyone else in the gym, leads us to stay away from the fitness environment. It can be hard to be in a foreign place and have a feeling of bewilderment because everyone else seems to be simply moving at a different speed. However, there are simple ways that we can overcome this hurdle. The best way to do so, would be to find a gym that has certain areas that include a designed circuit. One that takes members through a total body workout and includes a timer that helps everyone stay on the same pace. This would eliminate that feeling of bewilderment and help us to defeat that fear of being a klutz.

Likewise, the feeling of being alone, or not belonging, can be a deterrent for many of us when thinking about going to the gym. It’s not the feeling of isolation, but rather, the feeling of being the only one at a particular stage of fitness or age bracket. There are many fitness institutions out there, but very few that have an all-inclusive feel to them. Going to a gym that caters to a wide variety of individuals, of various fitness levels, age ranges, and body types, is the best possible way to address this fear. If our objective is to make lasting lifestyle changes, it is imperative that we seek out a gym that focuses more on general health and wellness as opposed to outward appearance.

Finally, when we are trying to decide on which gym fits our needs and desires, the last thing we want to worry about, is having to deal with someone trying to hard sell us with a sales pitch littered with things we don’t need and empty promises that are never kept. Often times, we pay for unused amenities and struggle to find those resources that will genuinely help us to reach our fitness goals. The fear of the hard-sell, is immediately vanquished, however, when we settle into a place that has a friendly and accommodating staff, that promotes lasting life-style changes, that offers free instruction, and doesn’t attempt to up sell memberships for commission. 

The hard truth is that most of the time resolutions have a shelf life. They start out strong, but never quite become the lasting life-style changes that we desire. Many times the reasons behind this pitfall are centered around us living in our own fears. However, there is a place out there for each of us, that will help to overcome these fears and use them as motivating factors. Taking the time to choose the right place, will make all the difference  and help us to reach the top of the mountain.

Glass Creek now open PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Luxury living, steps from all you can want in Mt. Juliet is now open. 

Glass Creek has been open for three months, and offers luxury apartments with terrific amenities that you wouldn’t normally get in an apartment community. 

The quality of Glass Creek is obvious when you pull in, as each building is full brick. There are 360 apartment homes, ranging from one to three bedrooms. Two of the buildings even have elevators. 

There is plenty to do on site at Glass Creek. There is a 24 hour fitness center, that even has a kids’ fitness center. There is a pool and outdoor kitchen, and a movie theater for residents. There is also a large, all brick clubhouse. 

There are not many reasons to leave, but if you do you are footsteps away to what Mt. Juliet has to offer. Glass Creek is located directly behind Academy Sports, so residents are walking distance to shopping and dining in the area. You also have easy access to Providence Marketplace or I-40 if you want to get to Nashville in just a few minutes. 

“It’s just booming here,” said Property Manager Kelly Crabtree of why Mt. Juliet is a great place for Glass Creek. “It’s a beautiful area, and it’s so fast growing.”

Glass Creek is owned by Carroll Companies, and is the first of three complexes that will be in Tennessee. Carroll Companies is based out of North Carolina. 

Glass Creek will be holding a ribbon cutting Friday at 11:30 a.m. You also can ask them about their 1-month special which gives new residents the first month free on a 12-month lease. 

Glass Creek Apartments are located at 401 Old Pleasant Grove Road. You can reach them at (615)773-7400 or check them out on the web at 

New Sellars Funeral Home set to open PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

After nearly a year of planning and work, Sellars Funeral Home is set to open their new location. 

Owner Judd Sellars said that it was always his attention to build a new facility one day, and the dream will finally come true Dec. 6 when Sellars holds their candelight service at their new location. 

“When this deal came along, I was able to do it,” said Sellars. 

Sellars swapped land with the City of Mt. Juliet last year. The City of Mt. Juliet owned the land for the new facility, and looked to trade the land and building for a new City Hall. That is no longer the intention of the City who are looking into what to do with the property. 

The new facility gives Sellars all kinds of options he didn’t have before, the most important being how everything flows through the building. The building is free flowing and open allowing families to  move easily throughout the building. 

The building also offers a calm, serene atmosphere  with lots of glass overlooking finely constructed gardens that have water features, fire bows and lush greenery. The front wall of the chapel is also open to help give visitors beautiful scenery during the service. 

Sellars Funeral Home will also have large TV screens playing throughout the building during services with the families’ favorite memories playing during the service. There are also LED lights that can be made to any color the family wants. If the deceased was a veteran, they can make it red, white and blue. If they were a big University of Tennessee fan, they can do it orange. Any color combination can be done. 

In front of the building will be a nice retail building, which will hold a few new businesses. Sellars said he has had several inquiries into the space, but no one is locked down as of yet. 

Sellars said the entire job was made possible by the work of Manous Consulting and Cliff Carey General Contractors. 

Sellars Funeral Home has been a part of the Wilson County community since 2002, starting in Lebanon, then adding the Mt. Juliet location seven years ago. But the Sellars family has been a big part of the community for a long time. Judd played youth sports in Mt. Juliet, and the entire family has been proud to call themselves Wilson County residents for years. 

In addition to the Funeral Home, Sellars owns Mt. Juliet Memorial Gardens, a monument company and a crematory. 

Sellars is looking to expand outside of Wilson County, and is hoping to start work on a new facility in Hendersonville in the near future. 

The Mt. Juliet location is directly across the street from the old location on the corner of N. Mt. Juliet Road and Industrial Drive. You can reach them at (615)758-5459. 

Southern Bank named one of nation’s Healthiest Banks PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Matt Wilson

Intern Writer

DepositsAccounts named Southern Bank of Tennessee to the 2014 edition of the Top 200 Healthiest Banks in America. 

Southern Bank of Tennessee finished at 166 in the rankings. is the largest online publication in the U.S. dedicated to banking/savings (deposits) information for consumers. It uses its patent-pending technology to track more than 275,000 consumer deposit rates, updated nightly.  

Their site features more than 10,000 editorial articles detailing creative depository strategies and highlighting current bank rates and offers. 

Each year evaluates the financial health of every federally insured bank in the United States, totaling over 6,500. 

Of those 6,500 banks, 200 are chosen, who have shown exceptional fiduciary responsibility, which make up the Top 200 Healthiest Banks in America. 

Many factors are taken into account including capitalization, deposit growth and loan to reserve ratios in order to determine an overall health score. 

Southern Bank of Tennessee stood out in all primary evaluation categories including, texas ratio, deposit growth and capitalization. 

They are located at 1499 N Mt. Juliet Rd. and can be reached at (615)758-6600.

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