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School Bus catches fire at Mt. Juliet HS
Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Staff Reports

An unoccupied school bus caught fire at Mt. Juliet High School Monday morning. A possible electrical problem is the expected cause. 

Wilson County School Resources Sgt. Stephen Goodall discovered the blaze, and kicked in the door. School Resources Officers Matthew McPeak and Logan Bryan, as well as school officials were able to put out the fire with fire extinguishers, and Wilson Emergency Management doused the site to extinguish remaining hot spots once they arrived. 

The estimated value of the bus is $50,000. 

Lakeview Elementary Principal’s List, Honor Roll
Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Principal’s List

Reaghan Ard, Aidan  Austin, Jessica  Austin, Sophia Barkley, Grayson  Beasley, Lowry  Bockweg, Tanner  Bolton, Grace  Bowersock, Sara  Butler, Christian  Butorac, Alexis  Cameron, Raylee  Carter, Jaejiana  Choe, Addison  Crews, Keaton  Crumby, Griffin  Davis, Addison  Deem, Mia   Didion, Kate  Dorris, Brett  Dowling, Olivia  Driskill, Ben  Ellis, Davis  Fox, Landen  Fredericks, CJ  Haddock, Racheal  Hampton, Kristin  Hampton, Drew  Hardin, Tegan   Harman, Courtney  Harvey, Ava  Heilman, Abigail  Hopkins, Aubrey  Huggins, Daniel  Isbell, Reagan   Kamarata, Garron  Kamarata, Chloe  Kingcaid, Kadence  Knick, Lauren  Knight, Chandler  Koehn, Dillon  Kohanski, Owen  Latta, Ty   Linville, Chloe  Lucy, Katelyn  Maness, Dillon  Massey, Charlie  Meadows, Annalise  Mecklenburg, Charley  Meyers, Lillian   Monterroza, Austin  Moore, Ella  Morgan, Braden  Morris, Alex  Nanney, Ava  Neal, Drew  Netherton, Gryphon  Osbon, Sam  Osborne, Emediong  Oscar, Cole Petroff, Lillian   Pfeiffer, Kevin  Philbin, Kennedy  Plummer, Chase  Polk, Gabe  Poteete, Zach  Presley, Alexis  Redd, Abby  Reigard, Kate  Reynolds, Mikiya  Ricks, Wyatt  Roberts, Sofia   Roehler, Carter  Rogers, Meredith  Root, Tyler  Rose, Tanner  Russell, Aidan Scoggins, Annalise  Sesnan, Jennie  Shaddox, Thatcher  Sholar, Griffin  Shoulders, Carson  Slocum, Karissa   Szarek, Matthew  Voelz, Hayden  Wagner, Chaz  Wallace, Aidan  White, Addison  White, Luke  Wiggins, Etta  Williams, Hailey  Willis, Jack  Wood, Caleb  Woodcock, Caitlyn Zoller.

Honor Roll

Adam Acevedo, Vivian Acevedo,  Savannah Allmon, Cooper Baldwin, Michael Barrett, Ethan Benoit, Emma Bobbitt, Kanon Bogard, Scott Boyer, Declan Breeze, Dawson Briley, Keeton Brown, Emma Burgess, Eryn Burkhead, Anna Butler, Brylee Byrd, Hayden Canfield, Spencer Canfield, Ethan Carden, Chloe Castle,  Garner Cherry, Ian Clement, Peyton Cole, Terrence Commadore, Jonathan Couturier, Joseph Cox, Evan Curry, Katie Curtis, Tate Curtis, Paxton Davidson, Ava Davis, Ryan Davis, Cameron Davis, Alexis Dial, Gabby Doniger, Barrett Dorris, August Driskill, Nicholas Edwards, Lola Elkins, Lilly Evans, Carson Falcone, Taylor Fevold, Laurel Fox, Noah Frankenfield, Gabe Frankenfield, Zach Gallion, Tyra Gilbert, Grace An Goodwin, Zoey Green, Michael Greenfield, Jackson Gregory, Paige Griner, Rowan Grizzard, Madelynn Hambelton, Kilee Hamilton, Grayson Hammons, Maddox hardin, Nicole hartz, Mackayla Helton, Madison Highsmith, Claire Hopkins, Lillian Huber, Keenan Huziek, Spencer Hyde, Owen Isbell, Carson Jones, Brayden Jones, Rylynn Kamarata, Sam Kennedy, Koda Kennedy, Makenna Knapp, Giles Knop, Reagan Koerner, Luke Kring, Hannah Langston, Emma Linville, Cole Locke, Joey Losurdo, Alyssa Mallory, Hailey Maness, Alex Marquez, Mason Martinez, Aidan McDonough, Molly Merksi, Hayley Miller, D.j. Miller, Heath Monast, Ben Monterroza, Matthew Moore, Cameron Moravec, Connor Murphy, Shane Nanney, Elijah Neely, Favour Oscar, Madelyn Outman, Alyssa outman, Ah-Gust Overbeck, Ryan Patterson, Regan Perkins, Luke Perricone, Brenden perry, Cole Persich, Madison Pertuset, Zach Pham, Hayden Potts, Taylor Powell, Alisa Proctor, Cameron Pryor, Tess Raney, Wes Ray, Jordan Rehm, Chris Rhett, Madison Riggins, Zach Robinson, Macie Rogers, Adriana Rotondo, Ayden Rowe, Abby Rueswald, Andrew Ryan, Cassie Savell, Bradley Schwartz, Reece Scopggins, Kristen Smith, Madison Smith, Morgan Solomon, Zarah Sorensen, Savannah Spencer, Zach Spitaliere, Jada Stacey, Ammon Stacey, Blake Stacey, Jake Stacey, Lilyeve Strohm, Kerek Stutes, Tristan Sweat, Clay Swindle, Aubree Tarver, Aaron Testerman, Ainsley Thompson, Jake Thompson, Taylor Thorne, Griffin Throneberry, James Tipton,  Hailey Torres, Cate Van Hoven, Wyatt Vanderpool, Nicco Vigil,  Paolo Vigil, Brandon Vines, Austin Wagner.

When things break down, Stoner Creek student Dix there to help
Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Matt Wilson

Intern Writer

Devin Dix is a third grader at Stoner Creek Elementary School, and he has a knack for taking things apart and putting them back together. 

Last year he was in Megan Hamilton’s second grade class, and her pencil sharpener kept breaking. Devin asked her why doesn’t she just take the pencil sharpener apart and fix it? Ms. Hamilton didn’t know how to do that so she let Devin take it home and fix it. He took apart the sharpener and found that the motor was about to die. Devin took the old wrapping off the transformer, bought a new magnet coil and put it back together and now it works just fine. 

Devin has always liked taking things apart. When asked why he liked taking things apart he said, “I want to know how it was built and how it works.” He works on all sorts of devices, but his favorite things to work on are electronic devices. He has fixed computer speakers and remotes. 

Devin has no training and hasn’t looked up how to build things, but he has helped his dad fix things around the house. One day he just started taking devices apart at home and taught himself how to put them back together. Once when he was in daycare, he took apart a table, taking out all the screws and everything. 

Taking things apart is something Devin has done since he was little, and he enjoys it. He is an intelligent young man and wants to be an inventor when he gets older. 

MJ burglary suspects arrested at Antioch hotel
Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Staff Reports

Three juvenile suspects in an aggravated burglary at Aventura Apartments were tracked and apprehended at a Super 8 Hotel in Antioch Tuesday. 

School board votes down credit for MJ
Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The Wilson County School Board voted to not accept a proposal from the City of Mt. Juliet that would see the City have a $200,000 credit taken out of the $449,000 owed because of a liquor by the drink tax that hadn’t been paid because of an oversight. 

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