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Wilson County Schools to introduce safety app
Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Thanks to a new app, all high school students in Wilson County will now have the ability to send anonymous messages to school officials about any issues or problems that they may face while at school. 

Wilson County Schools is partnering with Texas-based Anderson Software to bring its new P3 program to Wilson County. The program will give students the ability to download a mobile app and sends tips to school officials via the app. 

The app’s functions do not end there though. Once a tip is posted, the student will actually have the chance to interact with a school official about the report. There is also no length limit to the messages, allowing students to send pictures if needed. 

The system will have unique specifications for each high school in the area and cost will be covered through a safety grant for the first five years.

There is no set date yet on when the app will actually be available to students. Wilson Country schools director of safety, Steve Spencer said “The first order of business will be training the SRO officers in each school with it. Helping them decide how they will handle all the different tips that will be coming in. After that we will present it to students in all four of our high schools.

School officials feel that students may be more likely to share information if they know that they are sharing it anonymously.

Two local banks rank among nations best
Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bank Director magazine has ranked Pinnacle Financial Partners (parent company of Nashville’s Pinnacle Bank) and Lebanon-based Wilson Bank & Trust among the best performing banks in the entire country. 

Bank Director magazine is a Brentwood based publication for senior bank executives. The banks appeared as part of their third annual Top 150 Performers Annual Bank Performance Scorecard.

Pinnacle and Wilson Bank have recently been listed close to the top of other lists that ranked the top banks in the state of Tennessee as well. Pinnacle is the largest Nashville based bank with Wilson Bank & Trust not far behind, sitting in third. 

According to the report, Pinnacle ranked No. 14 in the country for banks between $5 billion and $50 billion it total assets. Wilson Bank & Trust ranked No. 15 among banks between $1 billion and $5 billion in total assets. According to FDIC data, the bank had nearly $2 billion in assets at the end of June. 

The magazine generated these rankings by looking at asset quality, capital levels and profitability metrics such as return on assets and return on equity. 

First Tennessee Bank, First Citizens National Bank and Franklin Synergy Bank were some of the other Tennessee banks that appeared somewhere on the list. 

Wilson Bank & Trust has three Mt. Juliet locations, one on Lebanon Road, one on N. Mt. Juliet Road, and one in Providence. Pinnacle also has a Mt. Juliet location on N. Mt Juliet Road. 

For more information on the topic including the full list and breakdown for each category you can visit 

Mt. Juliet actress premieres movie
Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Around 200 people enjoyed “The Sparrows: Nesting”, starring Mt. Juliet native Terri Minton recently. 

In the movie, a family faces difficult, life changing decisions when trouble strikes a close friend and her family. The movie, by Nandar Entertainment, was filmed last year in San Clarita, Calif. This family film has been shown in Atlanta, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Mt. Juliet. The movie sold out twice and was moved to a larger theater.

Terri Minton is a native of Mt. Juliet and has lived here with her family all of her life.

Minton previously had a role in “Horse for Summer” and was offered this role. In “The Sparrows: Nesting” she worked with Chris Atkins, who starred in “The Blue Lagoon” and Judy Norton, who played the television role of Mary Ellen Walton.

After the movie, Minton answered questions from the audience and she was honored with a celebration party after the showing.

Minton is currently working on “I Am Not Ashamed”. Her role is Beth Nimmo, the mother of Rachel Joyce Scott who was a 17 year old Columbine victim. 

She is currently working on location in Brentwood and Franklin. This movie will be released next spring in memory of 17 years since Columbine.

“My heart is in working in faith and family projects,” stated Minton.”God gives me a way to connect with people in these movies.” 

When asked about the daily script, Minton stated that on a daily basis dialog changed and with discussion with the director things evolved.

Minton asked the audience to help send a message to 10 year old Chalet Brannan, who played Bella in the movie. She was recently diagnosed with leukemia. She asked for prayers and messages for Chalet.

Wilson County Promotions honors Hale Moss with tree
Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hale Moss has been started working with Wilson County Promotions in 1979 and became its’ President in 1981. He has been giving back to his community for years, and this year, his community is giving back to him. 

On Wednesday, Aug. 12, Wilson County Promotions celebrated him at the Wilson County Fairgrounds with a Big Leaf Magnolia tree.

Moss’ wife Brenda, wanted him to have a magnolia. The tree needs 42 inches of soil to grow, and diggers hit several big rocks on the way down, which were used as decoration around the tree.

Volunteer Carol Walenga said of Moss, “Hale wants everyone to pat themselves on the back, whether they are the highest employee or lowest, he cares about everyone.”

“In 1972, at LebanonHigh School, I walked into my first agriculture class, and Hale Moss was my teacher. In 1979, I was told by Hale Moss and others to come out here. Through their leadership, we began to carve out what would one day become the Wilson County Fair.” said Wilson County Promotions Vice President Jimmy Comer of Moss.

Comer continued, “He is still leading this program and we really appreciate everything he does every single day. There is no way to count the hours of work he has put in here, but we wouldn’t be here without his guidance and we appreciate him very much.” said Wilson County Promotions Vice President Jimmy Comer of Moss.

Moss himself was very appreciative of the award saying, “Thank you all very much. This is a very special place and with continued effort of everyone here, it will be for a long time. I am very proud to be here.”

The Wilson County Fair started last Friday and will continue through this Saturday, Aug. 22. 

City commission looks to block adult clubs
Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners unanimously passed the first reading of an ordinance to prevent any adult club that might want to move to Mt. Juliet from going up in the area of a school Monday. 

The ordinance was sponsored by Mayor Ed Hagerty and put together by city attorney Gino Marchetti. “This is a direct response from what happened in Nashville, where a private club took advantage of their zoning laws, and a night club went up next to a school,” said Hagerty. 

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