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Teachers of the Year: MJCA's Kathy Posey and West's Jennifer Terhune
Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We take a look at two more Teachers of the Year this week. First, we have Mt. Juliet Christian Academy’s Kathy Posey, and then West’s Jennifer Terhune. 

Posey has been on the Mt. Juliet Christian Academy, First Baptist Church of Mt. Juliet campus since 1993 in some capacity, whether it be as a teacher or in the children’s ministry. 

Now, she is teaching a kindergarten/first grade split because enrollment at the school went way up in recent years. 

“They’re excited, they love learning,” said Posey of her kindergarteners and first graders. “I love seeing that light bulb go off when they learn to read.”

Posey has been at MJCA so long because she absolutely loves it. It allows her to talk about Jesus Christ with her students all day, and the people there are like family. 

“It’s like home,” she said. 

Posey was surprised when she was chosen by her peers as Teacher of the Year. 

“There are so many teachers it could have gone to,” said Posey. “I was excited. I was shocked.”

West Elementary’s Teacher of the Year is Jennifer Terhune. 

Terhune has been the music teacher at West for 23 years. 

“This is a fabulous school, very family oriented, awesome principals, great kids,” said Terhune.

Terhune said she loves her job, and can’t think of anywhere else she would rather be than teaching kids music. 

“I can’t imagine a job that would be more fun,” said Terhune. 

Terhune said that any teacher at West could have won Teacher of the Year, so it meant a lot to her be chosen. 

“I’m very glad they appreciate the work I do with their students,” said Terhune. 

Both teachers will be up for Wilson County Teacher of the Year. That will be announced at a banquet at Cumberland University April 11. The event is sponsored by Cedar Stone Bank and Wilson County Motors. 

MJCA Elementary Principal's List, Honor Roll
Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Principal’s List

1st Grade: Emma Ashley, Addyson Caldwell, Luca Christensen, Linley Frazier, Sam Kimbrough, Addison Lanier, Cole Martin, Kinsley Coleman, Tanner Hedgepath, Luke Irby, Sarah Little, Annalise Mecklenburg, Lucas Otto, Shaan Patel, Anna Claire Strong, Colt Taylor, Luke Taylor, Abigail Whicker. 

2nd Grade: Elizabeth Corbin, Chimelie Ezeoke, Drake George, Maverick Harris, Wesley Johnson, Katie Newton, Sydney Pinto, Ava Presley, Neve Scalf, Lily Witkus, Savanna Armstrong, Maddie Arostegui, Bell Nokes, Nathan Semmes, Anna Sullivan. 

3rd Grade: Lauren Kleeberg, Nicholas Lee, Meredith Woolson, Grace Wood, Emily Davis, Layla Davis, Tanner Jennings, Bethany Little, Alisyn Parfait, Logan Swaney, Christian Taylor. 

4th Grade: Kael Adams, Eli Burgess, Madeline Morris, Samantha Pinto, Brandon Stonebraker, Faith Brown, Troy Frazier, Caroline Henderson, Jessica Whicker, George Wilson. 

5th Grade: Mallie Foutch, Luke Nave, Preston Olivier. 

Honor Roll

1st Grade: Preston Elliot, Blake Walker. 

2nd Grade: Emily Best, Hannah Foust, Ivan Kelso, Mattie LaFaye, Alyssa McCorkle, Zac Campbell. 

3rd Grade: Brad Cullen, Noah Goins, Hanna Hale, Jackson McKinney, Sydney Mitchell, Sullivan Swords, Jeanne Olivier, Sajal Usry, Blake Cummings, Kyle Stewart, J.D. Moore, Trey Adcock, Shawn Link, Jack Pyburn, Kaleb Reed, Cooper Shotts, Christopher Stone. 

4th Grade: Ethan Howe, Levi Irby, Felicity Keen, Grace Kimbrough, Grant Larsen, Ethan Olivier, Connor Vogel, Tyler Barnes, Jenna Dunnewold, Khol Hedgepath, Owen Kelso, Stephen McMillian, Aydin Patel. 

5th Grade: Savannah Brewer, Brody Goins, Brooke Harman, Bethany Lyons, Jacob McNutt, Abby Risher, Jacob Snider, Jaxon York, Mathew Cook, Dylan Harman, Christian Link, Amelia Lyons, Savannah Moore, Gracie Parham, Madaleine Reagan. 

Elzie Patton Principal's List, Honor Roll
Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Principal’s List 

2nd Grade: Jamison Bush, Jared Dutch, Harley Jackson, Travis Ziebarth, Lindsay Agee, Sophie Allen, Hayden Terwilliger, Drew Farmer, Collin McCurry, Mason Nguyen, Hayden Prophit, Josh Reese, Stephen Christoffersen, Madelyn Hambelton, Lukas Hanna, Nathan Fayez, Rylee Hill, Hannah Perry, Landen Smith.

3rd Grade: Sierra Wyks, Matthew Jackson, Cooper Leech, Avary Summers, McKenzie Fitzgerald, Sophia Buchanan, Carinne Burnette, Cali Hughes, Tyler Vestal, Jacob Cox

4th Grade: Campbell Miller, Ethan Grossman, Anna Davidson, Charlie Ewing, Marina Gergis, John Reed Hill, Evan Wallace, B rain Andrews, Grace Nichols.

5th Grade: Kermina Hanna, Zach Smith, Daniel Tignor, Taylor Vestal, Hannah Beckman, Daniel Duggan, Maddie Judd, Ella Mercer. 

Honor Roll

2nd Grade: Aden Cole, Kidus Habtamu, Jace Judd, Clementine Manley, James McWilliams, Bryleigh Randolph, Madelyn Steed, Alex Velazquez, Braylen Austin, Nathan Cochran, Natalie Kniffin, Young Ko, Sophia Mehail, Ashlee Nuckoles, Kirsten Pigg, Ella Schaeffer, Kevin Yassa, Kaitynn Acosta, Hailey Crandall, Ben Dineen, Abigal Hall, Rachael Larkin, Gabby Piazza,  Remon Rezkalla, Marissa Romero, Issac Rose, Cole Booker, Carter Hinckley, Bella Sanchez, Myelei Whitaker, Abby Buchanan, Dylan Clarke, Matthew Girgis, Kameron Petty, Gabe Reese, Virginia Rhodes, Austin Stemmer, Luke Sherk, Sophia Waters, Myegedra Barrett, Emily Bishop, Luke Kinzer, Ariel Parks, Carter Tignor, Mehriya Wilkerson, Dylan Work.

3rd Grade: Ethan Cox, Andrew Moore, Grant Sawyer, Mya Henry, Isabella Fleming, Charlie Ewing, Marina Gergis, Hannah Kim, Grace Nichols, Callie Kinslow, Nate Long, Ruby Luke, Ella Miller, Ella Grace Schmidt, Anna Claire Swindol, Emily Shull, Mena Helmy, Heidi Beckman, Emily Broekhuizen, Brynn Everett, Savanna Garcia, Macie Jordan, Trevor McGee, Landon Prophit, Emily Wells, Abby Wright, Hallie Clark, Rylee Cooper, Stephen Mason, Jacob Salvino, Elijah Taylor, Makayla Wiseman.

4th Grade: Lindsey Bjorklund, Maddi Garrett, Brennan Jolley, Johan Ko, Lindsey Lamey, Tanner Meyer, Winson Nguyen, Evan Pigg, Isabel Silva, Abby Taylor, Karma Wymer, Pishoy Zaki, Madison Collier, Joslyn Hatter, Hailee Nichols, Haley Potier, Clara Samuel, Tres Synder, Reese Walker, Elle Jae Frazier, Gavin Lamkin, Ryan Williams, Isabelle Cosby, Ethan Holmes, Alec Jakalski, Makiyah Marshall, Brylee Sayer, Adrain Wilkerson, Abby Zweig.

5th Grade: Allie Brady, Olive Jolley, Ellen Ewing, Grace Reese, Matt Delfendahl, Jackson Clark, Jenny Guzman, Cerenitie Hudson, Nehemiah Jones, Dylan Lynn, Dalton Parish, Joel Wallace, Morgan Allen, Madeline Flemming, Jude Hassell, Hunter Lockert, Will Myers, Layne Nuckoles, Jordan Barga, Abby Davidson, Sidney Larkin.

MJ named 3rd best place in TN to buy a home
Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The website has named Mt. Juliet as the third best place to buy a home in Tennessee. 

Planning commission moves Chuck E. Cheese forward
Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The planning commission approved the site plan and final master development plan for Chuck E. Cheese in Providence. 

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