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Unlocked cars targeted in MJ neighborhoods
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Staff Reports

Willoughby Station, Hickory Hills and Mt. Vernon Estates have been targeted by burglars taking things from unlocked cars recently. 

Eight cars were targeted Monday with the thieves getting away with items like debit cards, cash and GPS devices. The keys were left in one car, and the thieves made off with a 2011 Gray Honda Accord with a Tennessee tag K4590Z. 

The specific streets affected by the burglaries include Brighton Circle, Canberra Way, Greer Court, Lacie Court, Norfolk Court, Wellington Way, and Yarmouth Lane.

Mt. Juliet Police are urging people to not leave valuables in your car and keep them locked. They are offering a $500 cash reward for anyone that provides information that leads to the conviction of the offenders. 

Anyone with any information regarding this crime is encouraged to call the Mt. Juliet Police Department at (615) 754-2550. Information can also be given anonymously by calling (615) 754-TIPS (8477) or via the Mt. Juliet Police Department website at .

Car thieves sought by MJPD
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Staff Reports

Mt. Juliet Police Officers are looking for vehicle burglars from two incidents in August. 

The first was at Logan’s Roadhouse on Aug. 21 and the next happened a few days later at the Providence 14 movie theater. Several items were stolen from the cars, and investigators believe it is the same people responsible. 

A credit card that was stolen in the first incident was used at Electronic Express in Hermitage. The thieves purchased $1,720.62 worth of merchandise. Surveillance footage shows three suspects. The first suspect is a white male, average build with short brown hair. He was wearing a white collared polo style shirt with blue athletic shorts. Suspect two was a white, heavy-build female with shoulder length brown hair wearing a tan-colored sleeveless shirt, thigh length skirt and dark rimmed glasses. Suspect three is a light skinned black or Hispanic male with short black hair who was wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt

Anyone with any information regarding this crime is encouraged to call the Mt. Juliet Police Department at (615) 754-2550. Information can also be given anonymously by calling (615) 754-TIPS (8477) or via the Mt. Juliet Police Department website at .

School Board looks to tackle missing inventory
Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

The Wilson School Board voted to develop a policy to help tackle the problem of fixed asset missing inventory Monday.

Lynn announces re-election plans
Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Susan Lynn recently announced her re-election plans for the House District 57 seat in the November General Election.  Addressing local residents and friends, Lynn stated, “As a your representative, I consider it a tremendous privilege to work hard every day to help our district.  Returning your phone calls, answering your emails and helping you with state government issues – these are opportunities to make a difference for which I am very thankful.  Today I announce that I am seeking re-election to the state House in order to continue this mission of public service.” 
Lynn is known as a conservative legislator whose efforts consistently espouse Jeffersonian Principles such as limited government, states’ rights, capitalism over socialism and Constitutional freedoms.  Lynn mentioned several examples of her work such as the Regulatory Flexibility Act, Tennessee State Sovereignty Resolution, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and reducing the sales tax on food by a full 1%.  “The citizens of our district are conservative; I am proud to share my strong conservative record with them; much of which is documented on my new website at”
Lynn continued, “I remain firmly against a state income tax, fully dedicated to the pro-life cause and to the Second Amendment.”
In this election Lynn has received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association and an “A” rating from that group.  Lynn has also named as a Champion for Prosperity by the American’s For Prosperity.  She has received the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business and the Tennessee Professional Fire Fighters Association. Lynn was awarded the TDDA Legislator of the Year award in April.  Most recently Governor Haslam named Rep. Lynn to the State Workforce Development Board, and Speaker of the House Harwell named Rep. Lynn as one of only five members to the Governor’s Education Summit. 
Lynn closed her talk by stating “I ask for the honor of serving you again in the Tennessee General Assembly.  I have truly done my best everyday to work hard to be the most effective, attentive and responsive legislator and that will never change.  My past service and responsibilities have proven that I have the experience necessary to meet the many needs our area.”
Rep. Lynn represented the 57th Legislative District in the Tennessee House of Representatives from 2002 until 2010 and was re-elected by a wide margin in 2012.  She is the House Chairman of the Consumer and Human Resources Sub-committee and a member of the Insurance and Banking Committee.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in economics, a certificate in financial management, and professional education in Six Sigma, Lean Management and Continuous Quality Improvement.  Lynn is employed by Simplicity Creative Group as the manager of regulatory compliance.
A member of First Baptist Church of Mt. Juliet, Rep. Lynn makes her home in Mt. Juliet with Michael, her husband of over 30 years.  They have two adult children – Michael Lynn, Jr. and Mrs. Grace Douchette.  Michael is an active duty staff sergeant in the Tennessee Air Guard, and is married to Alissa (Saunders); Alissa is also an active duty staff sergeant in the Tennessee Air Guard. The couple has two children less than two years old.  Grace is a home-maker and married to Benjamin Douchette. Ben is employed by Publix Supermarkets as the Customer Service Manager in the north Mt. Juliet location.  The couple has two children less than three years.  Rep. Lynn is also active in Juvenile Diabetes research as a result of her grandson’s condition.

Local girl builds bird sanctuary at Jones Park
Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Matt Wilson

Intern Writer

12-year old Clara Eck of Mt. Juliet Christian Academy came up with an idea to help misplaced birds in her community.
Eck and her family moved from Delaware to Tennessee a few years ago, and have been in Mt. Juliet a little over a year. There was a family of misplaced birds outside the home they moved into. Eck insisted on building a birdhouse for the family of birds, because a lot of trees were being torn down for more houses and there was no place for the birds.
She wanted a place that birds could go and be safe and happy. Eck came up with the idea to build a bird sanctuary and presented a power point at city hall to get permission for the project. The project was approved and Dennis Buchanan granted permission for it to be built at Jones Family Park in Mt. Juliet.
It took Eck a year to gather resources and donations for the sanctuary. She is a Girl Scout and sold cookies to raise money, and C & D Graphics in Mt. Juliet donated a sign for the park. Eck’s church and troop donated a birdhouse, and the Rotary Club in Mt. Juliet helped her build birdhouses, as well.
Members from her church, her troop, and the Rotary Club came out to help Eck put the sanctuary together. They built about 10 birdhouses and painted each one of them. Each house is named after a bird in the Bible. There is also lawn art around the birdhouses. The bird sanctuary was named Robin’s Hood.
It is located right off of N. Mt. Juliet Road at Jones Family Park.

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