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Senior Spirit: 8/8/12

August 8, 2012 Linda McClanahan 0

Remember the fun and anticipation of “back to school days”? What new things will I learn? How many new friends will I meet? What new adventures are ahead?

The Mt. Juliet Senior Activity Center brings those memories back. Take a class in computers, art or exercise. Join the Choir, Drama Club or Walking on Sunshine Club. Learn one of five different card games, how to play nine-ball or learn how to knit, crochet or quilt.  

Lunch time was always a favorite! Meals on Wheels is serving up a healthy lunch every day. Call to rsvp in advance: 758-9114. A covered dish social lunch with entertainment is scheduled for the second Wednesday of every month. Three Thursdays each month, the cooking club makes a home cooked meal for just $5. The community can participate. Lunch can be eat-in, carry-out or delivery. Call for a menu and to rsvp. All proceeds benefit the building fund.

You can meet your friends each morning for coffee and plan which programs you want to participate in that day. Come and sit on the front porch and share a tale or two. Membership is just $20 per year and you will receive a free T-shirt.  

Got time for extra-curricular activities? Volunteer to serve one of 8 committees,   be a part of the “Let’s build a Park” committee or serve one of the fundraising event committees. 

Mark your calendars for upcoming special events: On September 19, world champion horseshoe pitcher, Joan Elmore will join us for the annual horseshoe pitching tournament. Sign up to play in the tournament. 

The annual senior picnic is scheduled for Friday, September 28. Karaoke, bingo and games are on the agenda. Members will sign up to participate. 

Do you like to travel? Day trips and longer trips are scheduled each quarter. A trip to San Antonio and a trip to Kentucky Downs are on the calendar.

 Every Thursday from 1 – 3 pm, you can join us for a 2 hour country music jam. Bring your acoustic instrument and join the performers or be a part of the audience.  Just like school, there is never a dull moment!

It’s never too late to relive “back to school days”.  Come and learn something new, meet a new friend and have a great time at the Mt. Juliet Senior Activity Center, “where friends meet”,


Buying in bulk

August 8, 2012 Becky Andrews 0

Somewhere in history, who knows when, it became clear that ‘Enough-would NEVER be- Enough.’ It probably started between Cleopatra and Marc Antony’s demise at the Battle of Actium and they knew death was not far off that Cleo turned to Mark and said, 

“Why didn’t you bring more than two spears? Now we are staring death in the face”

“Maybe if you would have packed more”

‘Maybe if you would have bought more”

“If you can tell me where I can buy more than two at a time, I’ll do it. Until then, shut up and fight!”

And so the Big,Bulk,Budget Club was born. Where the diapers come in packs of 800, canned corn is purchased by the gross, and you can get your tires rotated while picking out an engagement ring.

It’s ironic how I will fight to avoid the grocery but instead opt to go to budget clubs just to take advantage of deep discounts and savings yet leave with a palate of non-perishables and a receipt for $600.00! 

As much as I hate to spend a Saturday afternoon wandering the isles of these stores, once I’m there, it’s heavenly. Where else can you find the latest New York Times bestseller (at a 30% discount), sample chocolate covered puff pastry and buy new living room furniture under the same roof? 

My children love it too. Especially my oldest who insists we wait until lunchtime to go. “Because that’s when all the food samples are out. It’s a free lunch, Mom!” 

He’s starting to act more and more like his father. 

My husband likes to brag about how long our essentials last…to anyone that will listen. Last weekend we were grilling out. Jay walked inside followed by his shadow; our youngest. He pulled out the aluminum foil and very proudly said, 

“You were still in kindergarten when we bought this. Isn’t that cool?” 

For the first time I saw our baby look at his father like he normally looks at me when I’m helping him finish his homework. It’s the disappointed look that says, 

“There had to be a mix-up at the hospital. There’s no way I’m biologically part of this family.”

I like a good deal as much as anyone. In fact, it’s liberating to only buy dryer sheets once a year. I just don’t feel the need to tell everyone. I even thought about letting our membership expire and start buying my hot dogs in 8 packs again instead of 32. 

One afternoon, my oldest and a friend were playing. They stopped long enough to get a snack. They grabbed something out of the pantry and headed back upstairs. As they tore the wrapper from a fruit roll-up (and left that wrapper on the steps), his friend shouted, 

“DUDE! That is a HUGE box of Fruit Roll-ups!”

“I know! We bought that before Christmas and still have a ton left. You should see our closet full of toilet paper.”

I guess I can keep the membership going for now. 

Comments? Email Becky.


The need to be forgiven

August 8, 2012 Jacob Armstrong 0

Ernest Hemingway wrote a story told about a young man in Spain who ran away from home.  No one could really say why Paco ran away, or perhaps he didn’t.  Some said he was kicked out of his home by his father for something foolish that he said or did.  Either way, Paco found himself far away from his small village wandering the streets of Madrid.  Paco’s memory of his mistakes and his guilt over what happened were leading him down a dangerous road.  

It turns out that the last thing that Paco’s father wanted was for his son to be far from home, which is why the father tried something desperate to get his son’s attention.  The father put out an advertisement in the local newspaper, El Liberal, which circulated throughout the entire city. The advertisement read, 

“Paco, meet me at the Hotel Montana at noon on Tuesday. All is forgiven.  Love, Papa.”

When the father arrived at the Hotel Montana the next day at noon he was surprised to find eight-hundred young men named Paco waiting for their fathers.

The first time I heard that story I cried.  Because of course I am a son who longs to be forgiven.  

It is one of the great unspokens in our culture. We don’t talk about it, but we need it.  It affects our hearts in many ways, but we rarely acknowledge it.  We need to be forgiven.  

One of my friends told me recently of going to visit his mother in the hospital, she was sharing a room with a woman who was nearing death.  He told me of how at night his mother’s roommate would cry out.  “Forgive me! Forgive me!”  That bone-chilling request made in the sterile hospital room is not a rare request, but a common one.  Often on the minds of those that are dying is regret for things done and some left undone. It’s not evidence that they are despicable people but that they are human. 

The definition of forgiven is “to grant pardon”.  What you once held against someone, you now release.  

Jesus talked about the need to be forgiven and the great need that we have to forgive others of what they have done to us. When He taught His disciples how to pray he said that we must ask God to forgive us as we forgive others.  

We all have the need to be forgiven and we all have the need to forgive.Forgiveness is available to you today through Jesus.  Perhaps today you can ask God to forgive you and have that deep need of your heart met through his love and mercy. As you accept forgiveness you will also be able to extend it to those who have hurt you.  


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