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Robbery prevention tips

August 8, 2012 Kenny Martin 0

In an effort aimed at protecting our business community from Robberies. The City of Mt. Juliet would like to offer the following crime prevention tips:

Keep your front doors and windows clear of signs and posters. This allows law enforcement officials the ability to see in. It also allows clerks and merchants to see outside for suspicious activity.

Keep the outside of your business well lit at night.

Keep your business looking neat and clean. A clean environment is good for business but uncomfortable for robbers.

Practice good cash control. Keep minimum amounts of cash in cash drawers and make regular drops.

Make bank deposits as often as possible, never less than once a day.

Use video camera surveillance and make it well known.

Be alert for customers who appear to be loitering or wearing clothing that doesn’t match the season.

If you see someone who appears to be suspicious inside or outside, call the police and have them checked out.

Greet everyone who enters your business and make eye contact.

Place markers at the entrance to help employees gauge height

Place post robbery forms near cash registers for fast data entry immediately following any incident. 

Surveillance and Security Equipment Information and tips:

Remember to periodically check your video security system for proper operation. The information it gathers can be invaluable to law enforcement efforts.

Have a security technician position the cameras to capture the best picture angles.

Insure that the correct date and time appear on your video cameras time, date generator. Remember to fall back and spring forward.

Robberies can occur in any location at anytime. That’s why it’s so very crucial to use all available preventive measures when combating crime.  Let’s join forces and stop these crimes before they have a chance to happen.  Let’s stop these criminals in their tracks and put them where they belong, behind bars. The more tools and resources we have working and available, will help us do just that. For more information please contact the Mt. Juliet Police Department at 754-2550. 


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