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Weakness or Meekness?

October 31, 2012 Larry J. Grainger 0

It is possible that often the Christian has been portrayed as a weakened and emaciated person, which translates the Christian faith into a crutch. Jesus said “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.” Meekness, rather than being defined as weakness, is the result of God’s working in us to cause us to accept His dealings with us as good, without disputing or resisting. Meekness echoes an old television show entitled “Father Knows Best.”

The meaning of “meekness” is not readily expressed in the English language, because when we see the words meekness, mildness, etc., weakness is usually what we envision. This may be why Christians are often described as weak and feeble and in need of a God because we are useless and helpless. Well, there is some truth to the fact that all mankind is in need of a Savior and without Him we are helpless. But, often what happens is that after we have been born again and empowered by God’s Spirit, we are still viewed as weak and feeble.

The common assumption is that when a person is meek it is because they cannot help themselves; but the Lord Jesus was “meek” because He had the infinite resources of God the Father at His command. Jesus was anything but weak.

The word picture for “meekness” is a word that is used in ancient Greek to refer to a medicine that calmed and soothed the spirit. It also spoke of a gentle breeze and a colt that had been broken and tamed–whose power and energy could now be channeled for useful purposes

We see the same concept in the aforementioned usage of the word in reference to a horse. As long as the colt runs wild and free, its power is out of control and it serves no useful purpose to man. But when its power is brought under control, it can be used for helpful purposes.

This is the accurate picture of meekness…God reins in our strength which is now submitted to His will and purpose, and we become useful citizens of His kingdom. Our real strength comes from the grace that God works in our soul. And maybe we can communicate that rather than Christians being weak and feeble, we are actually people who have taken our strength and laid it at the feet of Jesus to be used by Him, rather than resisting Him.

In summation, to properly understand meekness – the following statement will help us have a proper view of the subject. Meekness is strength under discipline.


Halloween Safety Tips

October 31, 2012 Kenny Martin 0

Well, it’s Halloween time again. With that in mind, I would like to encourage everyone to have a safe and happy Halloween. Below is a list of preventive steps I’ve prepared for the citizens. These are tips you may find helpful in making your Halloween a safe and fun adventure for all involved.  

1. Prepare ahead of time the route and location of your trick or treating

2. Only trick or treat in areas and locations you are familiar with

3. Make sure the costume you are your child wears, has large eye and mouth openings. This will assure that you and your child can see and breath clearly

4. Make sure the costume can be seen at night. For better visibility, attach reflective material to the costume itself

5. Purchase a flashlight for guiding your way around obstacles and better visibility

6. Walk up to houses using driveways and sidewalks to avoid unseen obstacles and tripping. When having to walk through yards, make sure to watch for clothes lines, dogs, small trees, low lying limbs, potholes and other obstacles

7. Never trick or treat alone. Always walk and stay with a parent, guardian or friend

8. Upon receiving treats, never consume the treats until they have been properly and carefully examined by an adult, parent or guardian. Criminals have been known to place needles, small nails, razor blades and other toxic substances in or on candy and other treats.

9. Another option is to contact your local hospital to see if they are offering free treat x-rays and examinations on Halloween night

10. Other popular alternatives to trick or treating are Halloween Parties and Church Trunk or Treat Functions.

 In closing, let’s all have a fun, safe and happy Halloween, especially the kids!    

Kenneth Martin



Sandra Bohr

October 30, 2012 Staff Reports 0

Sandra Bohr, 71, Mt. Juliet passed away Oct. 26.  She is survived by: sons, Herman Frederick “Rick” (Leslie) Bohr, IV and Casey Martin (Michelle) Bohr; daughter, Valerie Anna Bohr; and grandchildren, Ricky, Kayley, Peyton, Kennedy, […]

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