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Cumberland University to host Research Colloquium

Cumberland University to host Research Colloquium

Cumberland University to host Research Colloquium

Cumberland University will host a campus-wide research Colloquium on Friday, September 23. Faculty and students will present on topics giving attendees perspectives on various types of research being performed at the university.

The colloquium is designed to bring together members of the campus community for the purpose of enriching their understanding of a variety of topics, both research and interest-based, through student, faculty and community member presentations. The event offers an opportunity of intense examination of issues and research.

The Colloquium will consist of over 40 hour-long presentations covering topics ranging from Ancient Chinese Gongs to Salt Caves to the Zika Virus.

The day will begin with opening remarks in the Dallas Floyd Recreation Center followed by poster presentations. The remainder of the day is broken into sessions with multiple presentations taking place at locations throughout campus.

Members of the community are also participating in the events. sam-hatcher


Mr. Sam Hatcher, Cumberland Alumni and Board of Trust member, will share his research on the infamous Georgia Tech vs Cumberland University football game, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in October.

Mr. Scott McRae will present about Lebanon’s new Gasification Initiative that will divert waste from landfills.


Mr. Joe Minor, former Special Agent with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and Adjunct Instructor for the Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Program, will walk through the components of processing a mock murder scene in Memorial Hall.


Joe Minor / Former Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) Special Agent

Adjunct Instructor Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Program – Cumberland University

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