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Mt. Juliet man joins Team Blake Shelton on The Voice

Mt. Juliet man joins Team Blake Shelton on The Voice

Dan Shafer performing during his audition on The Voice television show. Courtesy of NBC.


Mt. Juliet resident Dan Shafer, age 56, was picked by judge, Blake Shelton, to join his team on a recent episode of The Voice.

Shafer, a salesman for a beverage company, auditioned on the television show in hopes of getting a second chance at his career in music that he began many years ago, which he had put on hold for his family.

The Mt. Juliet man currently performs in a music group called the Classic Rock All-Stars.

He has produced jingles for large company commercials as well as television shows, such as “The Transformers.”

Shafer’s son has been sick and is in a current state of remission, a perfect time for the 56 year old man to follow his dream while rooting for his son’s continued positive health.

Miley Cyrus is a judge on the TV show and could relate to Shafer’s impressive sacrifice that he made for his family years ago.

Shafer  performed Train’s “Marry Me” for his initial audition in front of the judges.

During his performance, Judge Blake Shelton spun his chair around for the 56 year old musician and complimented his talent.

“Your voice sounds decades younger than your age,” said Shelton.

He continued while introducing himself to the musician, “This is why I love this show. You never know who you are going to turn around to and be impressed by.”

In reply to Blake Shelton, Shafer stated, “What’s wonderful about the voice is it’s not about how old you are. After all these years it’s my last chance to really make my dreams come true.”

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