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Community donates to help Mt. Juliet family memorialize son’s memory

Community donates to help Mt. Juliet family memorialize son's memory

Community donates to help Mt. Juliet family memorialize son’s memory


Mt. Juliet showed its true colors as the local community responded to an online donation account created for a family that has been in need of help remembering their late son.

The local community demonstrated a united, strong support for a family this past week as a GoFundMe donation account was recently made by an anonymous source, most likely a friend of the family, in order to help the cherished family raise money to pay for a headstone of their son who passed away almost three years ago.

The donation page reads: “Two years ago, the son and brother of one of the most amazing family’s I know, Colby Skaradowski, passed away at age thirteen. Two years later, the Skaradowski family still cannot afford the cost of a headstone for him, or to finish paying off the costs of burying him. Please help shed some light on this family and help them afford a headstone for Colby.”

The page was created in attempts to help spread the word. That goal was reached.

That was not the only goal that was reached. The targeted goal of $7,000 for a memorial of the young teen boy was reached with the help of the local community.

community-donates-to-help-mj-family-gofundmeWith the assistance of close friends and contributions from others in the community who had received the news, the goal was surpassed. Helpful donations from the amounts of $5 to an anonymous donation of $5000 was contributed to the cause.

“Every little bit helps,” said The Chronicle of Mt. Juliet’s Managing Editor, Parker Minor. “It’s amazing what a strong, supportive community can do for each other when in need.”

Minor continued, “Mt. Juliet is such a close-knit community and is always there for each other. It’s great being able to share such stories as this that demonstrates the hospitality this town shows as a family.”

Colby was dedicated to skateboarding and was very good at it, according to friends of the late teen.

The family has ordered a custom headstone for Colby which includes a sculpted skateboard which helps them remember the cherished memories of their son and brother. community-donates-to-help-mj-family-headstone

The family is very appreciative of the donations in honor of their lost family member and want to thank the community for its generous support.

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