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Mt. Juliet native a nationally known comedian

Mt. Juliet native a nationally known comedian

Comedian, Nate Bargatze, of Mt. Juliet recently acted in a national television commercial for AT&T. Courtesy of AT&T Network.


Mt. Juliet native and former meter reader of West Wilson Utility District, Nate Bargatze, is now recognized as a nationally known comedian after quitting his job years ago to become a famous comic.

In 2001, Bargatze and his co-worker at the time, Michael Clay, pursued their careers as comics. The two friends quit their jobs in Mt. Juliet and moved to Chicago where many of their idol comics began.

Bargatze now stars in a national televised AT&T commercial that is aired on the ESPN network.

He has also been on late-night television a total of 10 times in his new comedy career; four times on The Tonight Show, four times on the Conan O’Brian Show, and two times on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

While Bargatze continues to rip jokes, Michael Clay is back working for his former employer in Mt. Juliet.

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