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Emergency crews respond to house fire in Mt. Juliet

Emergency crews respond to house fire in Mt. Juliet

Local fire authorities encourage home owners to check their smoke alarms and replace alarms over 10 years old.  Photo courtesy of Wilson County Emergency Agency.


Mt. Juliet Fire Department’s Fire Chief, Jamie Luffman, responded to the early morning house fire along with other emergency management. Photo courtesy of Wilson County Emergency Agency.


emergency-crews-respond-to-house-fire-fireEmergency crews responded to an early morning house fire around 8 a.m. on Cedar Creek Village Road in Mt. Juliet on Monday, October 24th.

Prior to arrival, neighbors noticed the fire before residents of the affected home and alerted the occupants inside.

The homeowners were completely unaware of the fire and successfully escaped unharmed.

The occupants of the house were safely outside away from the home when the home’s smoke detector alarms went off in a delayed manner. According to officials, there was moderate smoke inside the house when the alarms finally activated.

Emergency crews arrived on the scene with already heavy fire conditions venting out the roof.

The Mt. Juliet Fire Department, Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, and WEMA responded to the scene to assist with traffic routing and emergency needs.

Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation responded with a crew to remove electric power from the house along with members of the American Red Cross who also responded to the scene.

Wilson County Emergency Services Rehab Association responded to the scene to assist responders and attend victims of house fire.

All residents in Tennessee have the ability to receive smoke alarms from their local fire department that serves them. The only requirement is that the fire department must come and install them for you.

The Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance State Fire Marshal’s Office provide the alarms for local fire departments to install. All homes need working smoke alarms in each bedroom and outside each bedroom.


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