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5 arrested after MJ officer assault

A Mt. Juliet Police officer was assaulted by a man while investigating a report of a large disturbance at Willow Creek Apartments in Mt. Juliet which resulted in five arrests. 

According to the Mt. Juliet Police Department, at 7:50 p.m. Sunday evening, they received a call by a Willow Creek Apartment resident regarding a group of approximately 12 people being loud, disorderly, and cursing in the parking lot of the apartment complex. 

After Sergeant Matthew Mang arrived on the scene, he noticed a large group that was loudly yelling obscenities. The officer asked the group to calm down and to be quiet. However, a 17-year-old male made the decision to become even more disorderly. The officer attempted to arrest him, and the 17-year-old resisted the officer. As the officer was attempting to control the resistive 17-year-old, the large group began to surround and charge the officer. A witness from the scene stated that she heard the group talking about ambushing and jumping the officer. 

Many bystanders called 911 about an officer in trouble. The callers stated that the officer needed help because he was surrounded by a large group of people. The officer also requested assistance, and additional officers were dispatched from the Mt. Juliet Police Department, Wilson County Sheriff’s Department, Lebanon Police Department, and Tennessee Highway Patrol to assist with the large disturbance. Over 15 officers from the various agencies responded to the assist in restoring safety of the community.

As additional officers arrived on the scene to help the first officer, they were also surrounded by a large group of people. Officers began to disperse the large group in an attempt to establish order in the apartment complex for the community’s safety. At one point, a few residents of Willow Creek Apartments were asking the disorderly crowd to calm down to protect officers. When the event calmed down, a total of four people were ultimately arrested.

“This type of disorderly behavior is extremely rare for our community,” stated Mt. Juliet Police Chief James Hambrick. “Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt by such unfortunate behavior. I’m grateful for the quick response from surrounding agencies that assisted us in our effort to ensure our community remained safe.”

This investigation is ongoing, and additional charges could be forthcoming for other individuals. The officer that was assaulted did not require medical treatment, and he is doing fine.

Two adults were arrested and booked into the Wilson County Jail and were charged with the following: Kenneth Clemmons, 18, Mt. Juliet, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest; Kitakiamma Banks, 36, Mt. Juliet, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest. 

Two juveniles were charged and released with the following: Male Juvenile One, 17, Mt. Juliet, unruly child, assault against a law enforcement officer; Male Juvenile Two, 17, Mt. Juliet, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest.  

Another adult was arrested Monday. 

Around 11 a.m. a Mt. Juliet Police officer responded to a complaint from management at Willow Creek Apartments regarding threats and trespassing. While on the scene, the management employee stated that she wanted to prosecute the individual for the threatening behavior and criminal trespassing, and our department assisted her in the reporting and arrest process. The affidavits, obtained by the victim, state that Chandler Frazier, 19, Mt. Juliet, trespassed onto Willow Creek Apartment property multiple times from June 6-10 after being warned to stay off of the property. In addition, Frazier has confronted the employee multiple times in a threatening manner while making comments to assault her. Today, prior to the victim calling police for help, Frazier threatened her again. Warrants were obtained by the victim to prosecute Frazier for Aggravated Criminal Trespass and Disorderly Conduct. Officers took Frazier into custody shortly after the victim’s complaint. He was located on the property of Charlie Daniels Park, which is near the apartment complex.

Sergeant Mang is a seven-year veteran of the Mt. Juliet Police Department, currently supervises Mt. Juliet Police Department’s 2nd shift patrol detail, and a member of the department’s Special Response Team

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