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Animal Shelter throwing 3rd birthday celebration

The Mt. Juliet Animal Shelter is inviting everyone to attend their 3rd birthday celebration and open house Saturday, Jan. 21 from noon until 3 p.m.
In those three years, the shelter has welcomed 1,563 animals into the shelter, an average of 44 a month. 
“Our adoption, placement rate stands at 91 percent, which is unheard of in animal shelters,” said Jon Gray, Volunteer Coordinator for the Animal Shelter, in an email Monday.
He said the rate is due to the Animal Control Staff working hand in hand with the volunteer organization. 
There is a Director and Assistant Director of Animal Control who answer the police department.  
The volunteer organization is comprised of over 160 volunteers, headed up by the volunteer coordinator, Jon Gray who answers to a Board of Director’s headed up by Will Sellers, the former City Commissioner. 
The Volunteer organization is a 501(c)3, Tax Exempt, Non-Profit organization.
The MJASVO pays for medical, transportation, food, grooming and Vet Care for all the animals.  
The City pays for the building, staff, etc.
The City has never spent one dollar for food since the shelter opened. 
With volunteer hours totaling over 600 a month, the city has conservatively saved $300,000 a year in additional costs to the tax payer.
Visitors on Saturday will get to see the animals and experience the state of the art shelter, as well as enjoy a variety of delicious snacks and treats. 
They can also enter to win a $100 bill, or a $50 bill. 
Visitors can also adopt, or their kids can have their picture taken with the shelter mascots, Wilson or Juliet.
For Further Information Contact Jon Gray at (615)294-1095 or email him at

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