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Annual Mt. Juliet Fireworks Celebration canceled

The annual Fourth of July fireworks celebration was cancelled for the first time in 30 years.

“We are very sad to announce that we have just been informed that Mt. Juliet’s 4th of July Fireworks show has been cancelled by our city manager,” Needham’s Nursery, sponsor of the event, said in a Facebook post on Monday. “Thank you to everyone who attended for the past 30 years and made it a very important part of our great city’s heritage. We will miss this tradition greatly and all the smiling faces that it created. Thanks for all the memories!”

City Manager Kenny Martin said he understands and respects the community’s disappointment as he has also enjoyed the fireworks display. However, the city can no longer conduct the show at its previous location by Academy Sports and Outdoors because of the new At Home store being constructed.

Though the fireworks show has moved location throughout the years, the growing community has made it difficult to find an appropriate site to allow for safety, parking, visibility, logistics, and more, Martin said. The decision to cancel the event was not made lightly.

“I know this is disappointing, but we unfortunately no longer have an adequate site to conduct the show,” said Martin. “Like many communities who have been faced with the same or similar challenges, we will now focus on conducting an alternative celebration.”

Martin said the city is researching possibilities for a Fourth of July/Independence Day celebration, such as a parade, face painting, and patriotic activities in the park.

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